64 Kg Arthur Biyarslanov to represent Canada at AIBA’s 2017 World Championships

Following a strenuous qualification path, Arthur Biyarslanov will be the sole Canadian competing in the AIBA 2017 Men’s World Championships in Hamburg, Germany. Indeed, the qualification process for this competition states that all boxers must qualify through their respective Continental Championships for a chance to be crowned World Champion in their weight category.


Earlier this year, the AMBC Continentals in Honduras regrouped all weight categories for both men and women, but only the Top 6 male boxers per category were granted a pass for the Men’s World Championships. While all eight Canadian women stepped on the podium, Biyarslanov was the only men to win a medal and qualify for Hamburg 2017. Unfortunately, the southpaw boxer was forced to withdraw from the tournament after his victory against Joedison de Jesus Teixeira (BRA) in quarterfinals due to a pierced ear drum and had to settle for a bronze medal.


“I feel great! I have been training very hard and I’ve been in great hands this past year.” affirms Arthur Biyarslanov, commonly nicknamed the Chechen wolf. “I have gained a lot of experience since my last World Championships and God willing, I will win the Men’s Elite World Championships for the first time in Canadian boxing history.”
The 2017 World Championships will kick off on August 25th and promise to be bigger than ever, bringing together the best 279 boxers from 85 countries (up from 69 in Doha 2015) during nine days of intense competition. Moreover, 18 medalists from the Rio 2016 Olympics will be present, including silver medalist Lorenzo Sotomayor Collazo (AZE) to which Biyarslanov lost during his first bout at the 2015 edition of the World Championships.


“We are confident that Arthur will perform well in Hamburg.” mentions Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada’s High Performance Director. “He is currently our most experienced boxer on the National Team and his Olympic experience at Rio 2016 make him one of the favorites for the World Championships.”
The official draw is scheduled on August 24th and the competition will begin the following day. All information relating to the competition, such as draw sheets, schedule and results, will be updated throughout the championships on our Event Webpage and social media.



On Septembre 9th, try boxing as part of ParticipAction’s 150 Play List

ParticipAction' 150 Play List is the ultimate list of all the physical activities that define us Canadian and it was created as part of the celebration for Canada's 150th birthday. As you probably already know, boxing is part of the #150PlayList and on September 9th 2017, it will ParticipAction's National Boxing Day, which is exactly one month away! For the occasion, tons of activities will be organized throughout our boxing clubs across Canada to celebrate boxing. The goal is to encourage Canadians to get active, try as many activities on the list and of course, discover Boxing!


So if  you've always wanted to try boxing, this is the perfect opportunity to discover the sport and bring a friend along with you!


Mark your calendar:

On September 9th 2017, be active and #GetInTheRing !!



  • Consult THE LIST OF PARTICIPATING BOXING CLUBS to find an activity near you
  • Visit PARTICIPACTION'S 150 PLAY LIST WEBITE and create a profile.
  • Participate in a boxing activity and share your experience with us using #GetInTheRing and #150PlayList or by tagging us in your pictures
  • Don't forget to check off boxing (Activity 73/150) on the Play List once you've tried it for a chance to win amazing prizes! It's rewarding to be active! 



  • Consult OUR EVENT PLANNING GUIDE to guide you through the organization of your event 
  • REGISTER YOUR EVENT on ParticipAction's website so it can be visible to the public and SEND US AN EMAIL once your are registered so we can add you in the list of participating boxing clubs 
  • DOWNLOAD THE COMMUNITY TOOLKIT to have access to useful check-list and tools to promote your event 
  • Share your event on social media and invite your members to talk about it

 For all questions regarding ParticipACTION's 150 Play List :


Emilie Garneau

Marketing & Communication Manager
(514) 861-9325

New composition of Boxing Canada’s Board of Directors

In August 2015, Boxing Canada began a project that led to significant bylaw changes and would result in the board adopting a policy board approach to governing. The changes were motivated by “The Keegan Report”, an assessment of the organization’s High Performance system which also identified significant problems with the governance structure of Boxing Canada including, among other factors, (a) lack of role clarity in the authority and responsibility of the Board and Executive staff, (b) lack of oversight of the organizational performance, need for accountability of the board for measures organization performance, and (c) insulated board composition, lack of turnover and board size.


The governance reform finally came full circle this past weekend as the new Board of Director was elected during Boxing Canada’s 2017 Annual General Meeting. Here is the composition of the new Board:


Pat Fiacco, President & Director West

Curtis O’Nyon, Director Ontario

Éric Lamoureux, Director Quebec

Mike Summers, Director East

Yvon Michel, Director at large

Roland Labbe, Director at large

Isabelle Perreault, Director at large

Ryan Savage, Vice-President & Director at large *

Willie McNeil, Director at large *

*Incumbent Director


With this restructuring and adoption of a policy board, it means the Board of Directors will be concerned with issues and decisions related to the long-term direction, sustainability and relevance of Boxing Canada. “I would like to congratulate all the newly elected members to the Board. Boxing Canada is in great hands! With an improved skill set and experience, our governance will be well-served to deal with our vision and strategic long-term development.” said Roy Halpin, Boxing Canada’s Executive Director.


Here’s an overview of our seven newly elected members:


PAT FIACCO, President & Director West

As a member of AIBA’s Executive Committee, Pat Fiacco brings international boxing governance experience as well as extensive knowledge of the sport of boxing nationally and internationally.  He attended the Athens 2004 Olympic Games as a Canadian referee and judge as well as the London 2012 Olympics as a Deputy supervisor for boxing. He has also served as Boxing Canada’s Chief official and has held the position of President of Boxing Canada since 2012. Given the change of direction that Boxing Canada is undergoing, his business experience as a change agent will be valuable. Pat Fiacco is also a former Mayor of Regina and through his 12 years in a government function, he led significant endeavors, including the construction of many new infrastructures and the organization of many large-scale events. He has also been involved in many caucus and commissions and has developed business acumen through his own businesses.


CURTIS O’NYON, Director Ontario

Curtis O’Nyon is a Senior Associate in a successful government relations firm where he provides strategic advice to corporate, NGO and government clients as they advocate to the federal government. Further, he has managed a large Board of Directors (FCM) and played a critical role in managing its restructuration. His twenty years in and around government functions has given him an extensive network of contacts at the municipal, provincial and federal government. This body of work has given him a strong skill set in strategic thinking and planning, stakeholder relations, logistics, communications and media management. He also has knowledge of the structure of many Canadian Sport Associations as well as the role National Sport Organizations play at the international level.


ÉRIC LAMOUREUX, Director Quebec

Éric Lamoureux is the co-founder and Executive Director of CAP Conseillers Affaire Publiques. In this role, he is a consultant lobbyist and strategist for business executives regarding government relations, strategic positioning and communications. Throughout his career, Éric has worked in politics on all levels, notably for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of International Trade. He was also the Director of Communications for the Canadian Soccer Association as well as the French spokesperson for the FIFA U20 2007 tournament in Canada. His implication with various Boards as well as his experience in communications, fundraising and stakeholders’ relationships in the sporting world acquired during his professional career will be a valuable contribution to Boxing Canada.


MIKE SUMMERS, Director East

Mike Summers is a 3-star AIBA official and has extensive knowledge of the Canadian and International competition rules and sport system. Moreover, he has been the President of Boxing Newfoundland for several years and has also been a member of Boxing Canada’s Board of Directors. He has also assisted Boxing Canada in the development of their Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Program, previous strategic corporate plans, and has sat on some of their committees, such as its discipline committee and steering committee to develop the new policy board. Mike is also President of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Police Association and is experienced in developing government relations. He brings experience in human resources, dispute resolution and policy/contract negotiations.


YVON MICHEL, Director at large

During 18 years of his career, Yvon Michel has worked in all spheres of amateur boxing in Canada, from being a referee & judge, director and coach at all levels, including the Olympic Games. Now well-established in professional boxing, he has an elaborate network of contacts, privileged relationships with television network executives and potential sponsors from which Boxing Canada could benefit. His global experience, his specific expertise and his corporate contacts will be important additions to the Board. Furthermore, his comprehensive and relevant curriculum can certainly bring credibility, notoriety and profitability once at the service of Boxing Canada.


ROLAND LABBE, Director at large

Roland Labbe’s extensive experience in boxing, especially at the international level as a 3-Star AIBA referee and judge, has motivated his desire to help athletes become more competitive at the international level. Roland is the owner and head coach of Avenue Boxing Club, which operates in the inner city of Edmonton and caters to underprivileged youths. From 2005 to 2015, Roland was on the Referee and Judges Commission of Boxing Canada and since 2001, Roland has been an International Boxing Referee and Judge, officiating in numerous international competitions including the 2012 London Olympics. Roland’s success as an international referee and judge has lead AIBA to request his assistance in mentorship, training, evaluating and upgrading referees and judges to the international level.  Roland’s former roles as President and Head Official of Boxing Alberta provides him with not only a solid understanding of Board roles and responsibilities, but also how leadership and flourishing grassroots programs can lead to success at the international level.


ISABELLE PERREAULT, Director at large

Isabelle Perreault is a management consultant specializing in digital technology, disruption and organizational change. Having worked as Director of Marketing and head of Digital for the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club for eight years and with Major League Soccer, she has significant professional sport expertise and understands the challenges of promoting and marketing a sport in Canada. Through her active involvement in various associations’ Boards, she has a very active corporate network and is considered a thought leader in her field where she is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has facilitated fundraising activities for causes she is passionate about. Being a 3-time Ontario boxing champion, she would like to see the awareness and interest in women’s boxing increase across the country and the development of stronger grassroots programs aimed at both recreational fitness and high performance athletes.



All seven Canadian female boxers are going for gold at the  AMBC Continental Championships


Boxing Canada is making history at the 2017 AMBC Continental Championships as all seven Canadian female boxers are moving on to finals and will be fighting for gold, which is unprecedented. “I’m not surprised that every member of our female National team has made it to the finals. They are a very talented group of boxers led by Olympian Mandy Bujold and they went to Honduras on a mission to win gold.” said Pat Fiacco, Boxing Canada’s President. “This is a great start on the road to Tokyo 2020.”  Indeed, this is a fantastic way to kick off to the new Olympic quadrennial as AIBA has announced last week that two additional women’s division will appear at the 2020 Olympic games. The weight categories will be confirmed in July.


The AMBC Continental Championships are taking place from June 10th until the 19th in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and are regrouping all weight categories for men and women. Here are the face-offs that are expected for our Canadian female boxers during the finals on Friday June 16th:


48 Kg Kim Clavel (CAN) vs Irismar Del Valle Cardozo Rojas (VEN)
51 Kg Mandy Bujold (CAN) vs Virginia Fuchs (USA)
54 Kg Sara Haghighat-Joo (CAN) vs Leonela Sanchez (ARG)
57 Kg Sabrina Aubin (CAN) vs Marcela Arias (COL)
60 Kg Caroline Veyre (CAN) vs Beatriz Iasmin Ferreira (BRA)
75 Kg Tammara Thibeault (CAN) vs Oshea Jones (USA)
81 Kg Marija Curran (CAN) vs Jessica Paola Caicedo Sinisterra (COL)


Unfortunately, the fate of our male National boxers has been different during the competition as four men have lost their first fights and only Olympian Arthur Biyarslanov is still in the competition in the hope to obtain his berth for the AIBA 2017 Men’s World Championships.


For all the details from the AMBC Continental Championships (results, schedule, draw sheets), visit our Event Web page.



The National Team centralizes in Montreal in preparation for the AMBC Continental Championships

As the Continental Championships are fast approaching, the boxing National Team has centralized in Montreal over the last 10 days to fine-tune their preparation for the competition. As announced this winter, Boxing Canada has started the centralization process of its High Performance program within the INSTITUT NATIONAL DU SPORT DU QUÉBEC where its future National Training Centre will be located. However, only the integrated support services such as physical conditioning, sport therapy and psychology are currently offered on-site. "To optimize our National Team's preparation for upcoming major games, we have confirmed a short-term training center as part our athlete centralization process. As the INS Québec is presently incurring major renovations and is only able to provide conditioning facilities and an integrated support team, we felt it was best to confirm a partnership with a neighboring boxing club to compliment our ongoing high performance facelift." said Roy Halpin, Boxing Canada's Executive Director.


Awaiting the completion of our boxing National Training Centre, Boxing Canada is proud to partner with the reputable EAST BOXING CLUB as its temporary Training Centre for the National Team. Being located in proximity to INS Québec, the East Boxing Club facilitates the athletes' transport between their various training. Moreover, many additions to the installations have been made and the gym's schedule has been adapted to meet the National Team's needs. Boxing Canada is very grateful for this new partnership as well as the warm welcome that the boxers received during their training camp.
“We are very proud as it is an honor for the team at East Boxing Club to have been selected as a partner for Boxing Canada’s High Performance program. It is a sign of recognition highlighting the excellence the boxing club has demonstrated over the last years and a great source of inspiration for the development for our athletes and coaches.” declares Patrick Côté, Vice-Président of East Boxing Club.


A few athletes have already moved permanently to Montreal to benefit from the support of the centralized high performance program, including Harley-David O'Reilly. "At first, I wasn't sure what centralization would bring me during my preparation for the Continentals, but I realized all the advantages rapidly! All the services are close by and the access to coaches, therapists and psychologist have tremendously facilitated my preparation. The schedule is structured and all appointments with the various support services are made in advance according to my availabilities; therefore I don't need to worry about this and I can simply focus on my preparation." explains the 81Kg Canadian champion. "I am very happy to have centralized, I only have positive points to mention."

AMBC Continental Championships

The American Continental Championships will take place from June 10 to the 19th in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and will regroup all weight divisions for both men and women. "The Continental Championships will be a great test for our National Team as we are stating the new Olympic cycle with a relatively new team. There is more on the line for our men as this event is a qualifier to the World Championships." explains Pat Fiacco, Boxing Canada's President. "However, they performed very well against Cuba two weeks ago and can compete against the best in the world. Our female team is made up of both returning National Team members and new members and we are expecting great results from them."


It will certainly be one of the most important tournaments of the year given that the competition is also a mandatory qualification for the AIBA Men's World Championships taking place in Hamburg, Germany at the end of August. The Top 6 boxers per weight division will be granted a pass for the World Championships, a novelty as the registration used to be open in the previous years. The losers of the quarterfinals will also need to box to determine the 5th and 6th ranks.


Here's the list of boxers who will represent the Canadian delegation in Honduras: 


52 Kg Eder Clervoix
56 Kg Eric Basran
60 Kg Rodolfo Velasquez
64 Kg Arthur Biyarslanov
75 Kg Triston Brookes
81 Kg Harley-David O'Reilly


48 Kg Kim Clavel
51 Kg Mandy Bujold
54 Kg Sara Haghighat-Joo
57 Kg Sabrina Aubin
60 Kg Caroline Veyre
75 Kg Tammara Thibeault
81 Kg Marija Curran
The coaches who will accompany the boxers are Daniel Trépanier, Sylvain Gagnon, Mark Collins, Gordon Apolloni and Samir El Mais.
All the details relating to the championships (draw sheets, schedule, results, etc.) will be updated throughout the tournament on our EVENT WEB PAGE. The draw will take place Saturday June 10th and the competition will kick off on the same day. 





AIBA 1-star Coach certification course to be held in Montreal (Qc) in November 2017

Boxing Canada will be hosting an AIBA 1-Star Coaching seminar in Montreal, Qc in November 2017 (the exact dates have not been confirmed yet). The seminar is a 7-day course and will be offered in English only. The course fee is $100 US per applicant and the applicants are responsible for their own transport and accommodation. Please note that a maximum of 25 participants are allowed so be quick before the available space fills up!


If you wish to apply for the seminar, you must complete this FORM and send it back before Friday June 30th. 
The selected candidates will be contacted in July with additional information.


To send in your application, please contact:


Project & Program Coordinator
(514) 861-3684




Team Canada & Team Cuba weigh-in a day prior to the Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic

(Thursday, May 25, 2017, Regina, SK) – Team Canada and Team Cuba met face-to-face for the first time today at the official weigh-in event in advance of the Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic (KGMBC). The KGMBC is on Friday, May 26, 2017 at the EventPlex at Evraz Place in Regina, SK. This is the first time in the twenty-four year history of KGMBC Team Canada will compete against Team Cuba. The dual will be an intense competition in advance of the Continental Championships in June where Team Canada’s boxers will box in pursuit to become among the top 280 boxers who qualify to compete to become world champions at the World Boxing Championships in August.


Here are the boxers from both teams that will partake in the KGMBC:


Eder Clervoix
52 kg
   Arnolys Bignote Taylor
Eric Basran
56 kg
   Maikel Yoan Franco Barro
Rodolfo Velasquez
60 kg
   Armando Martinez Rabi
Luis Santana
60 kg
   Dariesky Palermo Carrion
Mazlum Akedeniz
64 kg
   Jorge Moiran Vinent
Dennis Babich
69 kg
   Antonio Bisset Fernandez
Triston Brookes
75 kg
   Hugo Noriega Cardenas
Harley David O’Reilly
81 kg
   Osvary David Morrell Gutierrez
“The Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic will be a test for Canada’s newly formed national boxing team to realize their competitive skill on an international scale because they are boxing against some of the best boxers in the world,” said Pat Fiacco, President, Boxing Canada. “Team Cuba ranks among the best in the world in the sport of boxing.”


Team Cuba ranks first in four men’s weight divisions internationally and won six medals in men’s boxing at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. There will be eight bouts at the KGMBC with a rematch at the Brandt Cup on Sunday, May 28, 2017 at DoubleTree by Hilton at 1 p.m.


The KGMBC will be broadcast live on Access Communications and live streamed on, starting at 8 p.m. Tickets to the KGMBC are available from TicketMaster, and tickets to the Brandt Cup can be purchased at the door. All results will be posted live on our Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Instagram account.


The KGMBC is a Regina Boxing Club event, presented by Brandt Group of Companies.



Friday, May 26, 2017 | 8 p.m. | EventPlex at Evraz Place



Sunday, May 28, 2017 | 1 p.m. | DoubleTree by Hilton



Pictures from the Media Weigh In and team training will be available shortly.


Nomination of athletes for the 2017 High Performance program

Following a High Performance Committee (HPC) meeting last week, Boxing Canada is happy to announce the athletes nominated for the 2017 High Performance program.


“We’ve selected a strong team to represent Boxing Canada this year. The athletes selected in the High Performance Program have showed great progress throughout the year and displayed a high-caliber of boxing through the selection process, including their performances at the Canadian Championships.” said Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada High Performance Director. “This year will be a great opportunity to test themselves at the International level.”



48 Kg Kim Clavel (QC)

51 Kg Mandy Bujold (ON)

54 Kg Sara Haghighat-Joo (ON)

57 Kg Sabrina Aubin (QC)

60 Kg Caroline Veyre (QC)

64 Kg Sara Kali (QC)

69 Kg Marie-Jeanne Parent (QC)

75 Kg Tammara Thibeault (QC)

81 Kg Marija Curran (ON)

81+ Kg Nadia Viaud



49 Kg Ghulam Reza Ali Ahmed (BC)

52 Kg Eder Clervoix

56 Kg Thomas Blumenfeld (QC)

56 Kg Eric Basran (BC)

60 Kg Rodolfo Velasquez (ON)

60 Kg Luis Santana (QC)

64 Kg Arthur Biyarslanov (ON)

64 Kg Mazlum Akdeniz (QC)

69 Kg Joshua Frazer (ON)

75 Kg Triston Brookes (ON)

81 Kg Harley-David O’Reilly (QC)

91 Kg Bryan Colwell (BC)

91+ Kg Alexis Barrière (QC)



48 Kg Jade Meunier (QC)

51 Kg Christian Zelenco (ON)

54 Kg Deneige Chaffey (ON)

57 Kg Stéphanie Thibault (QC)

60 Kg Katiushka Vasquez (QC)

64 Kg Ashley Rouble (BC)

69 Kg Charlie Cavanagh (NB)

75 Kg Naomie Pelletier (QC



52 Kg Jordan Mathieu (QC)

56 Kg Sean Finnigan (NB)

60 Kg Thomas Chabot (QC)

64 Kg Hamza Khabbaz (QC)

69 Kg Hunter Lee (ON)

75 Kg Satwinder Thind (ON)

81 Kg Lexson Mathieu (QC)



All National Team athletes are currently undergoing physical testing to evaluate their conditions before their upcoming competitions. The Elite National Team will be competing at the Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Class (May 26), Brandt Cup (May 28) as well as the AMBC Continental Championships (June 8-18) while the Youth National Team boxers will partake in the Youth Commonwealth Games (July 16-23).


The list of boxers participating in these competitions will be announce shortly.


All National Team competitions & events are listed in our Event Calendar and all relevant information is added as it becomes available.





You can also make a donation to our National Team boxers and a tax receipt will be emitted. Read the Charitable Donation Guidelines to find out how you can support our National Team athletes.



Boxing Canada is issuing a Call for Nominations for its Board of Directors

Boxing Canada is issuing a call for nominations for the following positions on the Board of Directors.
Elections will take place June 17, 2017 at the Annual General Meeting to be held in Montreal. Nominees
are not required to attend in person.


Any person, who is 18 years of age or older, who has the power under law to contract, who has not
been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country, and who does not have the status
of bankrupt is eligible to be nominated. Regional Directors are further restricted as described.
  •  1 Director (West) – 3 year term : restricted to persons who are resident in BC, Yukon, Alberta, NWT, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.
  •  1 Director (Ontario) – 1 year term : restricted to persons who are resident in Ontario.
  •  1 Director (Quebec) – 2 year term : restricted to persons who are resident in Quebec.
  •  1 Director (East) – 3 year term : restricted to persons who are resident in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI or Newfoundland & Labrador.
  •  3 Directors at Large: 1 – 3 year term; 1 – 2 year term; 1 – 1 year term



Boxing Canada is seeking to individuals who have professional, personal or other experience and
networks within the corporate, business, boxing, and/or other relevant communities that will
strengthen the Boxing Canada Board as it performs its governance and stewardship functions. Ideally
the board as a whole will reflect the listed attributes and assets.


Nominees should be aware that the first two years of the transition to governing as a policy board will
be characterized by a learning curve and will also require significant work to establish a strategic and
policy framework within which the board will function.


The following are highly desirable attributes:
  •  Big picture, strategic thinker
  •  Policy Board experience
  •  Business acumen
  •  Active corporate network
  •  Revenue development expertise


The following would be valuable assets:
  •  Knowledge of Canadian and/or international sport system
  •  Experience in government relations
  • Financial, legal, risk management, human resources, marketing communications and/or information technology knowledge
  •  Experience with managing organizational change


Boxing Canada encourages nominations from women and other under‐represented populations that will
support board diversity. The Nomination Form included with this document is to be submitted to:
Boxing Canada


Deadline for Nominations is May 18, 2017



In August 2015, Boxing Canada began a project that led to significant bylaw changes and will result in
the board adopting a policy board approach to governing. The changes were motivated by “The Keegan
Report”, an assessment of the organization’s high performance system which also identified significant
problems with the governance structure of Boxing Canada including, among other factors, (a) lack of
role clarity in the authority and responsibility of the board and executive staff, (b) lack of oversight of
organizational performance: need for accountability at the board for measures organization
performance, and (c) insulated board composition, lack of turnover and board size.


At a Special General Meeting In February 2017, Boxing Canada approved bylaw amendments which:
  •  Eliminated non‐voting Member classes and reduced the number of voting Member classes from 18 to 3. The three classes are provincial associations which, depending on the number of registered individual members, have 1, 3 or 5 votes.
  •  Reduced the size of the board of directors from a possible maximum of 22 to 7. Board composition now comprises four regional Directors (East, Quebec, Ontario and West) and three Directors at Large. Directors will elect annually from among themselves a President and Vice‐President.
  •  Introduced term limits such that a director can serve two successive three year terms and provided for rotation in terms through the sequence of elections at the 2017 Annual General Meeting.


ELECTIONS (from the Bylaws)

3.1 The election of Directors will take place at the annual meeting and will take place in three parts:
3.1.1 In 2017, and every three years subsequent, the Director (East), the Director (West) and one (1) Director at Large will be elected to a term of three (3) years.
3.1.2 In 2017 the Director (Ontario) and one (1) Director at Large will be elected to a term of one (1) year, and in 2018 and every three years subsequent, the Director (Ontario) and the one (1) Director at Large will be elected to a term of three (3) years.
3.1.3 In 2017 the Director (Quebec) and one (1) Director at Large will be elected for a term for 2 years, and in 2019 and every three years subsequent, the Director (Quebec) and one (1) Director at Large will be elected for a term for three (3) years.


3.2 Elections will be held as required in following order:
a) Director (East) and Director (West) or Director (Ontario) or Director (Quebec)
b) Directors at Large


3.3 Any candidate who is not elected to the position of Director (East), Director (West), Director
(Quebec) or Director (Ontario) may choose, if eligible, to stand for election as Director at Large.


3.4 Any candidate elected to the position of Director cannot at the same time hold the position of
director with a Provincial/Territorial Branch, and must resign from their respective position as a
director of a Provincial/Territorial Branch within seven (7) days of being elected as Director and
provide the Association with notice of same.



The bylaws identify the Board’s duties:
a) The Board will set and monitor the accomplishment of the vision, mission, values (or their equivalent) and strategic direction of Boxing Canada;
b) The Board will provide continuity for Boxing Canada by ensuring its financial health;
c) The Board may employ or engage under contract such persons as it deems necessary to carry out the work of Boxing Canada;
d) The Board may make policies governing the management of the affairs of Boxing Canada;
e) The Board may determine registration procedures and membership fees, dues, assessments, charges and other registration requirements for Members;
f) The Board may borrow money upon the credit of Boxing Canada as it deems necessary in accordance with these bylaws; and
g) The Board may perform any other duties from time to time as may be in the best interests of Boxing Canada


The intention is that the Board of Directors will be a policy board. In general this means, that the board
will be concerned with issues and decisions related to the long‐term direction, sustainability and
relevance of Boxing Canada. Following is a general description of the roles of a policy board; this will be
confirmed and further detailed over time.
  •  Seek out the perspectives of the provincial branches in order to understand their priorities and values, and use these as the basis for the board’s decision‐making.
  •  Set strategic direction for the organization and establish written targets for what is to be achieved and not how targets are to be achieved and not which programs, tournaments, etc. are needed.
  •  Identify risks to the organization that are unacceptable and write them down as boundaries for staff action.
  •  Delegate to staff the authority to manage the organization in order to achieve outcomes within identified boundaries.
  •  Assess organizational (staff) performance regularly and rigorously.
  •  Practice discipline in recruiting and orienting new board members, meeting attendance and preparedness, decision, focus and avoidance of conflict of interest. Document these commitments.
  •  Regularly monitor and evaluate its own performance as a board.
  •  Report back to the Members on progress towards outcomes.



The Board of Directors normally meets face‐to‐face two times per year for 1 ó‐2 days, typically in May
or June and December. In its first two years, there may be an additional face‐to‐face meeting necessary
to establish the necessary strategic and policy framework. Meetings may require the director to travel
the evening before. In addition the board meets by teleconference on a schedule yet to be established
but it is reasonable to expect 1‐2 teleconferences of approximately 90 minutes between the face‐to‐face
meetings. The board will establish an audit committee, a nominations committee and such other
committees as it deems necessary. Board committees will normally meet by tele‐ or videoconference
and may meet in advance of the face‐to‐face board meetings.



If you are interested to apply for one of the position (or you would like to submit a candidate), please fill out this FORM 

If you would like to access the Call for Nominations and Form, click HERE.


Deadline is May 18, 2017



STING Canada as the new Official Equipment Supplier for Boxing Canada

Montreal – April 3rd, 2017. At the dawn of the new Olympic cycle, Boxing Canada is proud to announce STING Canada as its new official equipment supplier for the next quadrennial. This new partnership includes personalized uniform for the national team as well as boxing equipment that will furnish the upcoming National Training Centre. The new colors of the Canadian delegation will be unveiled at the 2017 Canadian Championships where the national team will be formed.


“The partnership with Sting Canada is a great fit for Boxing Canada and our next Olympic cycle leading us to Tokyo 2020. The agreement, encompassing a sponsorship and retail business relationship, will enhance Boxing Canada’s continued pursuit of new avenues of revenue generation while aligning itself comfortably with Sting’s worldwide boxing apparel business development.” says Roy Halpin, Boxing Canada Executive director. “This is a win-win alliance for all of boxing in Canada.”


To celebrate the start of this promising partnership, STING Canada is offering 15% off its entire online store ( when using the promo code boxecanada. The promotion is valid until April 10th, 2017.


“My partner Don Nelson and I are proud members of Boxing Canada and we’re very excited about this agreement.  As boxing people, we understand boxing and the needs of everyone involved.  We’re looking forward to providing quality products for our athletes and also world class, innovative, customer service.” mentions Mike Power, Director of Canadian operations for STING.


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STING is 100% Australian owned and operated and is one of the world’s fastest growing fitness brands. STING produces a premium range of fitness equipment designed to withstand the rigors of high-performance training and competition. STING products combine unrivalled quality, supreme comfort and superior style to unleash the ultimate performance in every athlete.


Every item in the STING range has been tried, tested and approved by professional athletes. We use only the finest and most innovative technical materials, and we manufacture to the highest specifications, each and every time.


STING is an official licensee to AIBA (International Boxing Association Amateur) and since has supplied the equipment to the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, APB (AIBA Professional Boxing), WSB (World Series Boxing) and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.