24 Canadians are newly certified with AIBA 1-Star Coaching Course

Last week, Boxing Canada hosted its first AIBA 1-star Coaching certification course at INS Québec (Institut National du Sport du Québec) in Montréal, where 24 Canadian coaches from across the country had been selected to go through the first level of International certification. The week-long seminar taught by the instructor Fabricio Leclercq from France.
Congratulations to all the coaches who participated !! "With this course, we now have a larger pool of certified coaches that will be able to travel internationally." mentions Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada's High Performance Director. 
This coaching seminar is the second AIBA course being held in Canada in 2017, following a 1-Star referee and judges Certification course that took place in Quebec City during the Canadian Championships.

Olympian Arthur Biyarslanov moves on to professional career

After dedicating more than a decade to boxing, Arthur Biyarslanov has decided to bow out of Olympic boxing to transition into professional boxing. With a record of 98 amateur bouts (85-13), Arthur had been thinking about making the jump to the professional ranks since 2014, but had decided to persevere in order to gain more experience and reach the world’s largest competitions before the transition. After a great career as a representative of Team Canada, he is now ready to enter the next phase of his life.


Arthur took up boxing at the age of 13 and has been fully committed to his sport since winning his first Canadian title in 2011 and realizing how much potential he had for his chosen sport. Since then, the Chechen Wolf has cumulated five National titles and countless awards, and has represented Canada at every major Games, including three World Championships, two Continental Championships, Commonwealth Games, a gold medal at the 2015 Pan Am Games and a Top 16 at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  “Throughout the last years on the National Team, my best moment has to be the 2015 Pan American Games in my hometown of Toronto. We had a good training camp with the full team prior to the Games and everyone performed well. There was such a great team spirit and atmosphere.” mentioned Arthur when reflecting on his fondest memory with Boxing Canada.
Qualifying for these tournaments took a lot of hard work and training in the gym. “I have beaten Olympic and world medalists, I am now more than ready to turn pro.” In the future, he also wishes to open his own gym to give the opportunity to youths to live an active and healthy lifestyle, while giving back to the community. Moreover, besides his boxing aspirations, Arthur also plans on resuming his academic career to obtain his degree after putting his studies on hold to concentrate on his Olympic dream.


“I extend my heartfelt thanks to Arthur for his devotion throughout his years spent on the Canadian Youth and Elite National Team. Arthur occupied an important role among the team for a long time. He was the first male athlete since 1975 to win a gold medal at the Pan Am Games before becoming a member of the Canadian Olympic delegation in 2016.” says Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada High Performance Director. “I wish him much success in his new projects.”


Boxing Canada is extremely proud of Arthur Biyarslanov’s accomplishments on the world stage and wishes him the best of luck for his future endeavors. We look forward to seeing you progress amongst the professional rank.

5 medals for Team Canada at the International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”

The third edition of the International Boxing Tournament "Balkan" came to an end on Sunday and the Canadian delegation left its mark, claiming a total of five medals! Indeed, it's a great improvement compared to last year performance as Bianca Paquin (51Kg) was the sole Canadian to step onto the podium.

This year, Caroline Veyre (60Kg) and Marija Curran (81Kg) both reached the finales on Sunday in the hopes to climb on the highest step of the podium. Here's a recap of the final day of competition:


During the 60Kg final, Caroline Veyre faced the Brazilian Beatriz Jasmin Sonny Ferreira in a much anticipated bout. Indeed, the final was the perfect occasion for a rematch as Ferreira had won gold by a split decision of 4-1 against Veyre at the Continental Championships back in June.

However, after three intense rounds, it's the hand of the Brazilian that was once again raised following a unanimous win (5-0). Caroline Veyre wins the Silver medal after an impressive tournament.

As for Marija Curran, she was facing the #9 in the world, Liubov Iusupov, her second Russian opponent of the tournament after defeating Viktoria Krylova in semifinals.

Despite a deducted point and three judges allocating an equal score, Marija Curran won by a 3-2 split decision and was crowned champion in the 81Kg weight category!  "I'm delighted to have won the Balkan Cup, but having the opportunity to represent Canada while doing what I love is definitely the best part of this experience. While I wish I could've fought a variety of countries, I was pleased to compete against two Russians. Anyone who has glanced at a history book knows they're tough and we were there for good fights." mentioned Marija Curran upon her return to Canada.

As for Christian Zelenco (Youth, 48Kg), Charlie Cavanagh (Youth, 69Kg) and Sabrina Aubin (57Kg), they all claimed Bronze in their respective division after being defeated in semifinals.

Congratulations to all Canadian boxers for their great performance throughout the tournament!

Caroline Veyre and Marija Curran reach the finals of the International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”

On the third day of competition, it was already time for the semifinal of the International Boxing Tournament "Balkan" where 5 Canadians were scheduled to compete for a chance to reach the finals. Here are the scores from the day in case you missed it:


48Kg Christian Zelenco (CAN)  lost 0 - 5 Emi-Mari Todorova (BUL)

69Kg Charlie Cavanagh (CAN) lost 0 - 5 Patricia Budai (POL)



57Kg Sabrina Aubin (CAN) lost 2 - 3 Pwilao Basumatary (IND)

60Kg Caroline Veyre (CAN) won 5 - 0 Tuten Neuyen Thi (VIE)

 81Kg Marija Curran (CAN) won 3 - 2 Viktoria Krylova (RUS)


Caroline Very and Marija Curran are now moving on to the final of the competition and will be fighting for GOLD on Sunday in the hopes to become champion in their weight category! Marija Curran will now compete against another Russian boxer, Liubov Iusupov. As for Caroline Veyre, she will now face Beatriz Jasmin Sonny Ferreira from Brazil, a much anticipated bout as the two faced each other in finals of the AMBC Continental Championships in June. 

Caroline Veyre has now won three bouts by unanimous decision in as many days of competition! "Yesterday, my opponent was agressive and she never gave up. I had to work hard until the end to get the win." mentioned the 60 Kg Canadian representative after the semifinals. "I now have a day off before the finals against the Brazilian who beat me in finals of the Continental Championships and I can't wait the rematch!"

As for Christian Zelenco, Charlie Cavanagh and Sabrina Aubin, the participation in the tournament has come to an end, but they are still coming back from the competition with a BRONZE medal. Congratulations!!

To see the results of the draw, you can visit our Event Web page for more information (schedule, results, and link for live streaming).

Two victories for Team Canada on the 1st day of the International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”

The 3rd edition of the International Boxing Tournament "Balkan" officially kicked off today in Sofia, Bulagaria and nine Canadians made the trip to represent their country. Following the draw, two boxers from the Elite National Team were on the card on the first day of competition: Caroline Veyre and Sara Haghighat-Joo.

Caroline Veyre was the first Canadian to step into the ring and she won 4-0 against the American Rashida Ellis during her opening bout. Caroline will be back tomorrow against France. Sara Haghighat-Joo, who usually competes at 54 Kg, made her debut in the competition at 51 Kg against  Poonam Bisht from India. She easily won by unanimous decision and will also be back in the ring tomorrow against Bulgaria, the host country of the tournament.

In addition to Caroline Veyre and Sara Haghighat-Joo, four more Canadians will be on tomorrow's cards over the course of three sessions:

Session 3 (morning)

Youth 60Kg Katiushka Vasquez (CAN) vs Zhuldyz Toikova (KAZ)

Session 4 (afternoon)

Elite 51 Kg Sara Haghighat-Joo (CAN) vs Gabriela Dimitrova (BUL)

Elite 57 Kg Sabrina Aubin (CAN) vs Linda Larsson (SWE)

Elite 64 Kg Sara Kali (CAN) vs Jyoti (IND)

Session 5 (evening)

Elite 60 Kg Caroline Veyre (CAN) vs Flora Pili (FRA)

Elite 75 Kg Tammara Thibeault (CAN) vs Iaroslava Iakushina (RUS)


To see the results of the draw, you can visit our Event Web page for more information (schedule, results, and link for live streaming).


10 female boxers will participate in the 3rd edition of the International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”

For the third edition of the International Boxing Tournament ”Balkan”, Boxing Canada is proud to announce the female boxers who will participate in the competition that will take place October 18th – 22nd in Sofia, Bulgaria. Organized by the Bulgarian Boxing Federation, this women boxing tournament regroups Youth and Elite boxers. Here are the ten Canadians who will compete:


54 Kg Sara Haghighat-Joo
57 Kg Sabrina Aubin
60 Kg Caroline Veyre
64 Kg Sara Kali
75 Kg Tammara Thibeault
81 Kg Marija Curran


51 Kg Christian Zelenco
57 Kg Stéphanie Thibault
60 Kg Katiushka Vasquez-Soto
69 Kg Charlie Cavanagh
The Canadian delegation will be accompanied by coaches João Carlos Barros and Jill Perry, along with Robert Schinke (sport psychologist), Jean-Paul Raphaël (therapist) and Ève Crépeau (nutritionist).  Moreover, AIBA 1-Star official Lyla Simon will also partake in the competition as a Canadian referee and judges.


“This tournament will be a great opportunity for the Youth boxers to watch and learn from the more experienced Elite boxers.” affirms Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada’s High Performance Director. “It will be the first competition for the Women’s National Team since their success at the Continentals and I am confident that our boxers are well-prepared coming into this tournament.” Indeed, back in June, all seven women who participated in the AMBC Continental Championships in Honduras made it all the way into the finals, which unprecedented!


The general weigh in and the official draw will take place on October 18th, 2017. Although the competition will not be available on live streaming, you can follow our boxers’ progression on our WEB PAGE for the event as well as our social media platforms (FACEBOOK PAGE  &  TWITTER) as information will be updated throughout the tournament. 



Edmonton to host the 2018 Canadian Championships

Following the success of the past two consecutive editions in Quebec City, Boxing Canada is proud to announce that the 2018 Canadian Championships will be presented in Edmonton, Alberta. After a long-awaited return to Western Canada, the organization of this major competition has been entrusted to Boxing Alberta and will regroup for the third time the Junior, Youth and Elite categories under the same roof. “We are thrilled to be able to showcase the city of Edmonton by hosting the Canadian Championships here.” says Boxing Alberta President Lee Tanghe. “We plan to pull out all the stops to make this the best championships yet and are excited to once again have this event in Alberta.” Halfway through the Olympic quadrennial, the 2018 edition of the championships promises to be as exciting as ever, featuring the best boxers from coast to coast who will face each other during a week-long competition hoping to remain or become national champion in their respective divisions.

The competition will take place from March 28th until April 1st, 2018 at the Radisson Hotel – South Edmonton, located at 4440 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6H 5C2. Also, the event space will be bigger than ever, cumulating over 10 500 square foot. “We are pleased to welcome athletes from across the country to Edmonton in the spring of 2018.” said Lindsay Harrison, Senior Manager, Edmonton Events. “Edmonton is proud to contribute to the development of amateur athletes and to the sport of boxing in our city.”

Each province and territory will have the opportunity to register up to two male and two female boxers per weight category and age group. Also, all 2017 Elite National Team boxers will be automatically registered in the competition to defend their title, with the exception of the boxers who will participate in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games at the time.

The 2017 edition of the championships regrouped more than 220 boxers from across the country over five days of competition on two rings. “Under a newly unified all category and ages showcase, the 2018 edition of the championships will offer Edmonton a full week of Canada’s best Olympic boxing hopefuls and Olympians in a plethora of high octane bouts. Boxing Canada is truly thankful that Boxing Alberta has committed to this great event.” affirms Roy Halpin, Boxing Canada’s Executive Director. “These are exciting times for the National Championships.”



Boxing clubs across Canada celebrated ParticipAction’s National Boxing Day

For Canada's 150th anniversary, ParticipAction created the 150 Play List, the ultimate list of physical activities that define Canadians, and boxing is one of the featured activities. Throughout the year, the goal is to encourage Canadians to be active and try as many activities as possible.

For the occasion, boxing clubs from coasts to coasts opened their doors on September 9th in celebration for "ParticipAction's National Boxing Day" to encourage Canadians to discover boxing. This national celebration was a great success as the participating boxing clubs across the country offered a multitude of activities, accessible to everyone!

A big THANK YOU to all the boxing clubs who participated in this great initiative!


If you did not have a chance to try boxing this past week, don't worry, it's not too late! You can still find a boxing club near you to check off boxing from the 150 Play List! 

João Carlos Soares Gomes de Barros joins Boxing Canada as the new National Head Coach

Following a long recruitment process, Boxing Canada is proud to announce its new National Head Coach, João Carlos Soares Gomes de Barros. Recruited from Brazil, Boxing Canada is confident that Coach Barros is the right candidate to bring its High Performance Program to new heights and end the medal drought at major Games. The search initially started a year ago after recommendations brought forth by the Keegan report, an independent analysis of Boxing Canada’s High Performance program which stated it was necessary to bring in international expertise.

“Own the Podium (OTP) is delighted that Boxing Canada has hired a world-class National Coach with experience of producing Olympic Games medalists.  João Carlos Barros will complement the leadership of High Performance Director, Daniel Trépanier.” says Mark Hahto, Own the Podium’s Director, Summer Sport. “The addition of Coach Barros will also allow for an expansion of Boxing Canada's National Training Center in Montreal at the INS Québec.  OTP is confident that both Elite and Next Generation coaches will greatly benefit from the wide range of knowledge and experience that the new coach brings to Canada.”

Coach Barros brings tremendous experience to the Canadian High Performance Program along with remarkable results on the international scene. Indeed, Coach Barros possesses four World Championships medals along with four Olympic medals in as many participations, including a gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the 60 Kg weight division. With 33 years of coaching experience, he first began his career in Cuba where he studied and worked for eight years in their provincial boxing development programs in Villara Clara before being recruited by Brazil to establish their centralized national program. Coach Barros holds an AIBA 3-star, APB and WSB coaching certification as well as being an international instructor for these AIBA courses. In addition to all his boxing credentials, João Carlos Barros also speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, which will facilitate the transition and his integration.

“There is a tremendous amount of potential in Canada.” states João Carlos Barros. “I strongly believe that my experience and methodology will benefit the Canadian program in order to step onto the podium at major Games. I look forward to developing world-class boxers and coaches.”

After participating in a week-long training camp at the new National Training Centre in June, Coach Barros has now arrived permanently in Canada and he is ready to hit the ground running with his first competition at the end of the month of September at the Celtic Cup in Ireland. The boxers who will partake in the competition will be announced shortly. In the upcoming months, Daniel Trépanier will work closely with João Carlos Barros to ensure a smooth transition. Coaches from across the country will also be invited to partake in training camps, competitions and seminars in order to learn from the new Canadian Head Coach.

“Boxing Canada is excited and proud to welcome Coach Barros to our team as the new National Coach. He brings with him a successful track record of developing champions.” affirms Pat Fiacco, Boxing Canada’s President. “We would also like to thank Daniel Trépanier who has worked both as National Coach and High Performance Director for the past number of years. With Daniel Trépanier focusing on his High Performance duties and Coach Barros focusing on his National Coach duties, we are expecting great results in the ring for our men's and women's teams as we prepare for Tokyo 2020.”

64Kg Arthur Biyarslanov finishes in the Top 16 at the 2017 AIBA World Championships

After three intense rounds, Arthur Biyarslanov came out on the wrong side of a close split decision against Dominican Elvis Rodriguez during the second round of preliminaries at the 2017 AIBA World Championships. Rodriguez came into the competition ranked 16th in the world and obtained a bye during the first round of the tournament. The two boxers were supposed to meet in semi finals at the Continental Championships earlier this year in Honduras, but the dual didn't occur as Arthur had to drop out of the tournament due to a pierced ear drum.


"I made the fight tough on myself." declared Arthur Biyarslanov. "After the first round, I was trying to land a punch before even thinking instead of staying composed and pick my shots. It was a close fight, but I unfortunately didn't get the result I was looking for. It's tough being the only athlete representing your country with a very small team."

This loss comes after a convincing victory against Lithuanian Evaldas Petrauskas during the first round of the competition. Arthur arrived at the competition in great shape and condition after a training camp in Kyrgyzstan and exits the 2017 edition of the World Championships in the Top 16 in the world! 

Congratulation Arthur!


For all the results, schedule and draw sheet, visit our Event Web page