Marija Curran

Club: Beaver Boxing Club
Coach: Jill Perry
Date of birth: April 27th, 1987
Birthplace: Burlington, Ontario
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Height: 174cm (5’7″)
Weight category: 81 kg




Marija Curran used to compete heavily in Jiu Jitsu from ages 10 to 18, but it is at the age of 15 that she decided to take boxing lessons to help with her hand game. She was boxing recreationally to help with her sport (Jiu Jitsu) all through high school and university. After her graduate degree, she took up boxing as she wanted to compete in some sort of combat sport again and she was quickly integrated into the competitive program at Beaver Boxing club. 


While her initial gravitation towards boxing was a means to an end, to improve her Jiu Jitsu, her continued involvement in the sport is motivated by respect. She has a great respect for classic, traditional sports such as boxing and she loves how her newly adopted sport remained largely true to its origin despite the massive changes in the world around it. It has stood the test of time. Also, she loves how boxing challenges her and she gets to do that every day.


In the next ten years, Marija pictures herself continuing her participation in the sport she loves in a coaching capacity. Ideally, she would like to give back to the sport, and the country, by eventually coaching amateur boxers on the international stage. She would also like to run a boxing program aimed at risk youth, particularly girls, to help them develop confidence and life skills through boxing.


Beside her career as an athlete, Marija obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Political Science at the University of Ottawa and her Masters in Communications at the University of Carleton while training as a boxer. Today, she works full-time as a Communication Officer for Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


NICKNAME : Honey Badger
FAVORITE MOVIES : Super Troopers and/or Zoolander
FAVORITE MUSIC : Anything, but metal
TYPICAL PRE-BOUT MEAL : Chicken, rice and salad (Isn’t that what all boxers eat?)
OTHER SPORTS & HOBBIES : I don’t have time for other sports or hobbies. I work, box and then apologize to my friends and family for being so busy when I’m not doing those two things.
PLACES TO VISIT IN HER LIFE : All of Canada’s coasts and various parts of Africa, starting with Egypt.
FUN FACTS THAT FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT HER : I’m the youngest of five children and I have three older brothers that beat me relentlessly growing up
LIFE & CAREER OBJECTIVES : Make enough money that I can pay someone else to clean my house


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