Nadia Viaud

Club: East Boxing Club
Coach: Leonard Kwitkowski
Date of birth: May 26th, 1981
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Height: 175cm (5’7″)
Weight category: 81+ kg





Nadia Viaud started boxing when she was 29 years old. Her initial objective was to get in shape and lose weight for her 30th birthday, an objective she accomplished! She had to change gym and it is at East Boxing Club that it all started. At first, when Sylvain Gagnon suggested she should compete, she was very reluctant to the idea. However, thanks to her training and the encouragements from the boxers in the gym as well as the coaches, she had her first bout in September 2012 at 31 years old! And she LOVED the experience due to the adrenaline rush, stress management, surpassing herself and especially the victory. As her friends and family came to support her, it is the pride she felt after the fight that made her addicted to this sport. Now 36 of age, she never imagined being a two-time Canadian champion and boxing has brought her confiance she didn’t have in the past.


Nadia loves the strategic aspect of this art where, similar to a chess game, you need to place your punch in order to proceed with another move. In term of inspiration, she could talk about Ali, Lomachenko, Lucia Rijker, as they are all boxers she like, but it is the boxers around her who are her biggest source of inspiration: Caroline Veyre (the next Olympic medallist, she’s convinced!) inspires her trough her discipline, her technique and her passion when she talks about the sport. Patrice Volny inspires her through his charisma and the fact that he is willing to conquer all the obstacles he is faced with. Martine Vaillière Bisson is a warrior that never quits and she has helped her with her way of thinking.


Beside her career as an athlete, Nadia would like to coach boxing.



NICKNAME : Nadia OnePunch
FAVORITE MOVIES : Coming to America, Bridget Jones and Chinese Martial Arts movies
FAVORITE MUSIC : From Frank Sinatra to Jay Z and Foo Fighters, I like everything
TYPICAL PRE-BOUT MEAL : Chicken and salad
PLACES TO VISIT IN HER LIFE: I would like to travel around Europe with a backpack




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