Arthur Biyarslanov

Olympian Arthur Biyarslanov moves on to professional career

After dedicating more than a decade to boxing, Arthur Biyarslanov has decided to bow out of Olympic boxing to transition into professional boxing. With a record of 98 amateur bouts (85-13), Arthur had been thinking about making the jump to the professional ranks since 2014, but had decided to persevere in order to gain more experience and reach the world’s largest competitions before the transition. After a great career as a representative of Team Canada, he is now ready to enter the next phase of his life.


Arthur took up boxing at the age of 13 and has been fully committed to his sport since winning his first Canadian title in 2011 and realizing how much potential he had for his chosen sport. Since then, the Chechen Wolf has cumulated five National titles and countless awards, and has represented Canada at every major Games, including three World Championships, two Continental Championships, Commonwealth Games, a gold medal at the 2015 Pan Am Games and a Top 16 at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  “Throughout the last years on the National Team, my best moment has to be the 2015 Pan American Games in my hometown of Toronto. We had a good training camp with the full team prior to the Games and everyone performed well. There was such a great team spirit and atmosphere.” mentioned Arthur when reflecting on his fondest memory with Boxing Canada.
Qualifying for these tournaments took a lot of hard work and training in the gym. “I have beaten Olympic and world medalists, I am now more than ready to turn pro.” In the future, he also wishes to open his own gym to give the opportunity to youths to live an active and healthy lifestyle, while giving back to the community. Moreover, besides his boxing aspirations, Arthur also plans on resuming his academic career to obtain his degree after putting his studies on hold to concentrate on his Olympic dream.


“I extend my heartfelt thanks to Arthur for his devotion throughout his years spent on the Canadian Youth and Elite National Team. Arthur occupied an important role among the team for a long time. He was the first male athlete since 1975 to win a gold medal at the Pan Am Games before becoming a member of the Canadian Olympic delegation in 2016.” says Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada High Performance Director. “I wish him much success in his new projects.”


Boxing Canada is extremely proud of Arthur Biyarslanov’s accomplishments on the world stage and wishes him the best of luck for his future endeavors. We look forward to seeing you progress amongst the professional rank.

64Kg Arthur Biyarslanov finishes in the Top 16 at the 2017 AIBA World Championships

After three intense rounds, Arthur Biyarslanov came out on the wrong side of a close split decision against Dominican Elvis Rodriguez during the second round of preliminaries at the 2017 AIBA World Championships. Rodriguez came into the competition ranked 16th in the world and obtained a bye during the first round of the tournament. The two boxers were supposed to meet in semi finals at the Continental Championships earlier this year in Honduras, but the dual didn't occur as Arthur had to drop out of the tournament due to a pierced ear drum.


"I made the fight tough on myself." declared Arthur Biyarslanov. "After the first round, I was trying to land a punch before even thinking instead of staying composed and pick my shots. It was a close fight, but I unfortunately didn't get the result I was looking for. It's tough being the only athlete representing your country with a very small team."

This loss comes after a convincing victory against Lithuanian Evaldas Petrauskas during the first round of the competition. Arthur arrived at the competition in great shape and condition after a training camp in Kyrgyzstan and exits the 2017 edition of the World Championships in the Top 16 in the world! 

Congratulation Arthur!


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Arthur Biyarslanov wins unanimously his opening bout at the 2017 AIBA World Championships

Arthur Biyarslanov won unanimously against Lithuanian Evaldas Petrauskas during the first preliminary round of the 2017 AIBA World Championships. His opponent, ranked 20th in the world, previously won a bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the 60Kg division, but he was no match for the Chechen Wolf who dominated throughout all three rounds.

"I felt good in the ring today" said Arthur Biyarslanov after his convincing victory. "I had good movement, kept my distance and fought the way I had to in order to get the win."

Now in the Top 16 of the competition, the 64Kg Canadian boxer will step back into the ring on Sunday afternoon (August 27th). He will be facing Elvis Rodriguez from Dominican Republic, who's currently ranked 16th in the world and obtained a bye during the first round of the competition. 

The two boxers were supposed to meet in semifinals at the 2017 Continental Championships, but the Dominican went on to claim silver as Arthur had to drop out of the tournament due to a pierced ear drum. 

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Go Arthur Go !




64 Kg Arthur Biyarslanov qualified for the 2017 Men’s World Championships as he claimed the Bronze medal at the Continental Championships.






Day 1  

Day 2    

Day 3    

Day 4    

Day 5

Day 6 – semifinals

Day 7 – semifinals



Day 1     Session 1Ring A / Ring B // Session 2 Ring A / Ring B

Day 2    Session 3 Ring A / Ring B // Session 4 Ring A / Ring B

Day 3    Session 5 Ring A / Ring B // Session 6 Ring A / Ring B

Day 4    Session 7 Ring A / Ring B // Session 8 Ring A / Ring B

Day 5    Session 9 Ring A / Ring B // Session 10 Ring A / Ring B



49 Kg  //  52 Kg  //  56 Kg  //  60 Kg  //  64 Kg* //  69 Kg  //  75 Kg  //  81 Kg  //  91 Kg  //  91+ Kg


64 Kg Arthur Biyarslanov to represent Canada at AIBA’s 2017 World Championships

Following a strenuous qualification path, Arthur Biyarslanov will be the sole Canadian competing in the AIBA 2017 Men’s World Championships in Hamburg, Germany. Indeed, the qualification process for this competition states that all boxers must qualify through their respective Continental Championships for a chance to be crowned World Champion in their weight category.


Earlier this year, the AMBC Continentals in Honduras regrouped all weight categories for both men and women, but only the Top 6 male boxers per category were granted a pass for the Men’s World Championships. While all eight Canadian women stepped on the podium, Biyarslanov was the only men to win a medal and qualify for Hamburg 2017. Unfortunately, the southpaw boxer was forced to withdraw from the tournament after his victory against Joedison de Jesus Teixeira (BRA) in quarterfinals due to a pierced ear drum and had to settle for a bronze medal.


“I feel great! I have been training very hard and I’ve been in great hands this past year.” affirms Arthur Biyarslanov, commonly nicknamed the Chechen wolf. “I have gained a lot of experience since my last World Championships and God willing, I will win the Men’s Elite World Championships for the first time in Canadian boxing history.”
The 2017 World Championships will kick off on August 25th and promise to be bigger than ever, bringing together the best 279 boxers from 85 countries (up from 69 in Doha 2015) during nine days of intense competition. Moreover, 18 medalists from the Rio 2016 Olympics will be present, including silver medalist Lorenzo Sotomayor Collazo (AZE) to which Biyarslanov lost during his first bout at the 2015 edition of the World Championships.


“We are confident that Arthur will perform well in Hamburg.” mentions Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada’s High Performance Director. “He is currently our most experienced boxer on the National Team and his Olympic experience at Rio 2016 make him one of the favorites for the World Championships.”
The official draw is scheduled on August 24th and the competition will begin the following day. All information relating to the competition, such as draw sheets, schedule and results, will be updated throughout the championships on our Event Webpage and social media.



Recap on the massive success of the 2017 Canadian Championships

The 2017 Canadian Championships were without a doubt a massive success! It was the second edition regrouping the Junior, Youth and Elite categories under the same roof and a grand total of 219 boxers from coast to coast took part in the competition for a chance to claim the national title in their respective category.

“This year’s Canadian Championships will be remembered as one of the best in the past 25 years. The local organization [Benoit Martel and Carl Poirier from Club EnergyBox] did a fabulous job of ensuring all participants enjoyed their experience.” said Pat Fiacco, Boxing Canada’s president. “As far as the competition itself, it was very clear that the quality of boxing in Canada has improved tremendously and that there is talent from coast to coast. We saw medalists from each province present at the competition. We must give credit to all the coaches across Canada for spending time with these athletes in the gym preparing them for these championships. Boxing in Canada is in great shape!”

Indeed, the Canadian Championships are growing every year and the tournament is starting to have a festival allure with all the seminars, workshops and ceremonies as part of the event. With all the exceptional talent present, the 2017 edition gathered a lot of media coverage and visibility across the country, which is great for the exposure and growth of our sport!

Also, another addition to this year’s edition was the opening ceremony where each provincial delegation marched in the competition area showing their colors.

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Also, a big thank you to STING Canada, our Official Supplier of Equipment, for providing us with top-quality boxing gloves and headgear throughout the 2017 Canadian Championships !!


After five intense days of competition, the Youth and Elite National Team’s composition was confirmed. (Click HERE to view the list of medalists)

One of the interesting aspects ahead of this year’s championship was that some weight divisions had two National Team representatives fighting for a unique spot on the team. This was due to the Olympic qualification process which prevented the Olympic National Team from competition at the 2016 Canadian Championships and where new champions were crowned.

“I’m very happy with the composition of the National Team. We have a few new faces amongst the team who are highly motivated to prove themselves.” mentions Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada’s High Performance Director. “It is exciting to see that we have depth within the National Team pool at the start of a new Olympic quadrennial.”

The next step for the National Team boxers will be to conduct physical and medical testing to evaluate their conditions ahead of the Continental Championships taking place June 8-19 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. These championships are now a mandatory qualification event to be participate in the 2017 Men’s World Championships to be hosted in Hamburg, Germany from August 25th until September 3rd. The Canadian delegation travelling to Honduras will be announced shortly.

As for the Youth National Team, the results of the physical testing will determine the composition of the team for the Youth Commonwealth Games taking place July 16-23rd in Nassau, Bahamas.

Another achievement worth mentioning is Mandy Bujold: she claimed her 11th Canadian Title during these championships, which establishes a new record in Amateur boxing in Canada ! Congrats Mandy!


Throughout the championships, Boxing Canada also took the opportunity to conduct an AIBA 1-star referee and judge’s certification course. This is the first step to increase the number of Canadian representatives during international competitions.

“Andrew Caufield (Scotland) and Doug Emery (USA) were the two AIBA instructors who oversaw the course and evaluated our Canadian officials throughout the competition. This is a great opportunity for our officials to either refresh their AIBA 1-star certification or upgrade to the next level of officiating in boxing and get them one step closer to being internationally certified.” said Pat Fiacco.



The Canadian Championships are a great opportunity to educate and inform our members. Various workshops and seminars were offered every day offering additional resources on a variety of topics, such as High Performance, sport psychology and medical advancements.


Given their great performances throughout #CANbox17, here are the boxers who were awarded the trophies for Best Boxers of the Competition:

  • Best Female Youth boxer: Ashley Rouble (BC)
  • Best Male Youth boxer: Hunter Lee (ON)
  • Best Female Elite boxer: Sara Haghighat-Joo (ON)
  • Best Male Elite boxer: Joshua Frazer (ON)


Also, at the close of the 2017 Canadian Championships, Boxing Canada took the opportunity to host its Annual Award Ceremony.

Here are the 2016 award recipients who were celebrated:

2016 Female Boxer of the year: Mandy Bujold


2016 Male Boxer of the year: Arthur Biyarslanov


2016 Ron Whalley Memorial Award (Official of the year): Jennifer Huggins

It was also during this ceremony that Yvon Michel officially became a member of Boxing Canada’s Hall of Fame. His induction came as no surprise given his active involvement as a National Team coach and Executive Director of the Fédération Québécoise de Boxe Olympique (FQBO) as well as his tremendous contribution to boxing in Canada as a professional promoter.

Yvon Michel




The Wolf’s Journey to Gold

Raquel Ruiz for Boxing Canada

A private investigator and a human wolf from Chechnya seems like a perfect team of heroes for a kids’ comic book.

The private investigator is John Spray, writer of Next Round: A Young Athlete’s Journey to Gold, and the Chechen Wolf is the book’s subject, a young man who wins gold medals with his fists in the boxing ring. And it’s not a comic book, but a sports biography, forthcoming from Pajama Press in July, just in time for the Olympic Games in Brazil.

Kids aged 8-14 will without doubt be inspired and educated by the life of the protagonist, Arthur Biyarslanov.

Biyarslanov, nicknamed the Wolf – the refugee boxer, the young Muslim, the 2015 Pan American Games Champion, now ready to compete in the Olympic Games in Brazil – shares with Spray juicy details of his life growing up in Chechnya. He recounts his escape from the Russian army, life as a refugee in Azerbaijan, and his immigration to Canada at age nine. After losing his father at a young age, Biyarslanov lives in the projects in Toronto with his mother Elle and brothers, enduring it all to become an icon, not only for his sports talents but also his humanity.

Biyarslanov, a very disciplined 21-year-old, makes his biography accessible to boys who, according to the author, have very few books to read which inspire them.

“It feels amazing to have a book written about me. Now people all over the world can read my story and really know who I am. I hope to motivate kids to reach their goals,” said Biyarslanov, who always dreamed of being an Olympic athlete, although he thought it might be in soccer, a sport in which he also excelled.

Spray met Biyarslanov after the Pan American Games when the young Canadian had won the first gold medal in forty years for his adoptive country. Spray knew the Wolf’s story through his wife, who is the owner of Pajama Press and requested her husband write a book for children about the boxer.

“I boxed when I was young, and thought it was an incredible story to tell,” said Spray, who interviewed the Pan American champion for several months to get the core of the story. He chose to write it in an action-packed manner to engage and empower child readers.

“It’s a story that has it all, and a good ending,” said Spray.

And who doesn’t like good endings?

Biyarslanov is happy to share his journey to gold with all the children in Canada and hopes they can read the book before the Olympics in August so they can watch and cheer him on from home.

“I am happy because they [children] can see the hard times and struggles I’ve been through and see that I was still able to succeed. I hope to inspire kids to become better people, better athletes, and to appreciate life,” said the young boxer, whose goal is to be on the podium in Brazil.

The only very important person who is not able to see the accomplishments of the young boxer is his dad, to whom Arthur dedicates all his triumphs. At the end of each of his bouts, when the referee hoists his arm as winner, the Wolf looks up to the sky to his angel in heaven.

“I think my dad would be very happy with smy accomplishments.”


The book is available for pre-order online at Indigo and Amazon.

Arthur Biyarslanov