Tough first round for Team Canada at the 2018 Strandja Tournament

Regrouping a total of 236 world-class boxers, the 69th International Boxing Tournament "Strandja 18" kicked off on February 19th and all three Canadian boxers were scheduled to step into the ring during the first two days of competition. Although the Canadian delegation cumulated defeats during the preliminary round of the tournament, it was a great experience for the team as they will now shift their preparation towards important competitions, the Canadian Championships and the Commonwealth Games.
Here's a recap of our boxers' performance in Bulgaria:

91 Kg Bryan Colwell

Bryan was the first Canadian to make his debut in the competition, which was also his first participation in an International tournament as part of Team Canada. For his first bout, the Canadian pugilist was opposing local boxer Ivan Mechkov. Despite giving his all in the ring, Bryan lost a 4-1 split decision to the Bulgarian boxer.
"It is not the result I was looking for in my first foray into international competition, but it is still an incredible experience. My opponent was a talented fighter and I was honoured to share the ring with him. I know when we meet again the result will be different. I have had a ton of fun and learned a lot with this trip. I look forward to getting home and getting back to work with my coaches and teammates to improve my boxing." said Bryan after his defeat.
Bryan will now focus on getting ready for the 2018 Canadian Championships taking place in Edmonton, Alberta March 27 - April 1.

57 Kg Sabrina Aubin

Ranked 22nd in the world, Sabrina stepped into the ring on the second day of competition against Lacramiora Lenuta Perijoc from Roumania. However, despite a great preparation prior to the tournament, she was unable to claim the victory and lost a unanimous decision to her opponent.
"On my part, I gave a great fight where I applied elements I had worked on in the gym. I take back a lot of positive points from this bout and a few points to work on naturally. My opponent had a lot of experience, but less techniques. She was physical and aggressive while keeping a good distance. It's the volume of punches she gave that made the difference in the outcome. I was more technical and clean, but less active when working on the inside. Overall, this bout gives me a clear picture of the things I need to work on!" said Sabrina after her bout.
Sabrina will now focus on putting the final touches on her preparation for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia taking place April 4 - 15.

75 Kg Tammara Thibeault

Tammara was the last Canadian to enter the tournament after a tough draw, where she was scheduled to face Li Quian from China (ranked 3rd in the world) during her first bout. Indeed, the Chinese boxer won Bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as well as Silver at the 2014 World Championships. Ranked 17th in the world after winning the 2017 Continental Championships, Tammara had her work cut out ahead of the fight and lost a 4-0 decision to her opponent.
"Despite a difficult draw, I offered a great performance and lost a split decision to an excellent boxer. It was a difficult bout; I gave my all and I am proud of the obstacles I had to overcome in the ring. I started off strong in the first round and I dominated. The second round was closer and in the final round, I was missing a little something. This bout is exactly what I needed to advance my boxing career. I've learned a lot and I've rediscovered a pleasure I hadn't felt in a long time after exiting the ring." said Tammara Thibeault. "My teammates Sabrina and Bryan also performed very well and everyone had tough opponents. It was a extremely tough tournament with world-class boxers and despite the defeats, we gave everything we had in the ring."
Tammara will also shift her focus to her preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

3 Canadians are heading to Bulgaria for the 2018 Strandja Tournament

Three National Team boxers are currently on their way to Bulgaria to take part in the 69th International Boxing Tournament "Strandja '18". Organized by the Bulgarian Boxing Federation, the competition will take place from February 19th to the 25th and will regroup over 250 boxers from across the globe. 
Here are the Canadian boxers who will take part in the competition:
57Kg Sabrina Aubin
75Kg Tammara Thibeault
91 Kg Bryan Colwell
The official draw is scheduled on Monday February 19th and the competition will kick off on the same day. To follow the progress of our athletes, visit our Event Web page where information will be updated daily. 

5 medals for Team Canada at the International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”

The third edition of the International Boxing Tournament "Balkan" came to an end on Sunday and the Canadian delegation left its mark, claiming a total of five medals! Indeed, it's a great improvement compared to last year performance as Bianca Paquin (51Kg) was the sole Canadian to step onto the podium.

This year, Caroline Veyre (60Kg) and Marija Curran (81Kg) both reached the finales on Sunday in the hopes to climb on the highest step of the podium. Here's a recap of the final day of competition:


During the 60Kg final, Caroline Veyre faced the Brazilian Beatriz Jasmin Sonny Ferreira in a much anticipated bout. Indeed, the final was the perfect occasion for a rematch as Ferreira had won gold by a split decision of 4-1 against Veyre at the Continental Championships back in June.

However, after three intense rounds, it's the hand of the Brazilian that was once again raised following a unanimous win (5-0). Caroline Veyre wins the Silver medal after an impressive tournament.

As for Marija Curran, she was facing the #9 in the world, Liubov Iusupov, her second Russian opponent of the tournament after defeating Viktoria Krylova in semifinals.

Despite a deducted point and three judges allocating an equal score, Marija Curran won by a 3-2 split decision and was crowned champion in the 81Kg weight category!  "I'm delighted to have won the Balkan Cup, but having the opportunity to represent Canada while doing what I love is definitely the best part of this experience. While I wish I could've fought a variety of countries, I was pleased to compete against two Russians. Anyone who has glanced at a history book knows they're tough and we were there for good fights." mentioned Marija Curran upon her return to Canada.

As for Christian Zelenco (Youth, 48Kg), Charlie Cavanagh (Youth, 69Kg) and Sabrina Aubin (57Kg), they all claimed Bronze in their respective division after being defeated in semifinals.

Congratulations to all Canadian boxers for their great performance throughout the tournament!

Caroline Veyre and Marija Curran reach the finals of the International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”

On the third day of competition, it was already time for the semifinal of the International Boxing Tournament "Balkan" where 5 Canadians were scheduled to compete for a chance to reach the finals. Here are the scores from the day in case you missed it:


48Kg Christian Zelenco (CAN)  lost 0 - 5 Emi-Mari Todorova (BUL)

69Kg Charlie Cavanagh (CAN) lost 0 - 5 Patricia Budai (POL)



57Kg Sabrina Aubin (CAN) lost 2 - 3 Pwilao Basumatary (IND)

60Kg Caroline Veyre (CAN) won 5 - 0 Tuten Neuyen Thi (VIE)

 81Kg Marija Curran (CAN) won 3 - 2 Viktoria Krylova (RUS)


Caroline Very and Marija Curran are now moving on to the final of the competition and will be fighting for GOLD on Sunday in the hopes to become champion in their weight category! Marija Curran will now compete against another Russian boxer, Liubov Iusupov. As for Caroline Veyre, she will now face Beatriz Jasmin Sonny Ferreira from Brazil, a much anticipated bout as the two faced each other in finals of the AMBC Continental Championships in June. 

Caroline Veyre has now won three bouts by unanimous decision in as many days of competition! "Yesterday, my opponent was agressive and she never gave up. I had to work hard until the end to get the win." mentioned the 60 Kg Canadian representative after the semifinals. "I now have a day off before the finals against the Brazilian who beat me in finals of the Continental Championships and I can't wait the rematch!"

As for Christian Zelenco, Charlie Cavanagh and Sabrina Aubin, the participation in the tournament has come to an end, but they are still coming back from the competition with a BRONZE medal. Congratulations!!

To see the results of the draw, you can visit our Event Web page for more information (schedule, results, and link for live streaming).

Ups and Downs for Team Canada during quarterfinals of the International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”

Six Canadians were featured on today's card for the quarterfinals of the International Boxing Tournament "Balkan", including two boxers (51Ks Sara Haghighat-Joo and 60Kg Caroline Veyre) who had advanced in their respective category after convincing wins on the first day. Unfortunately, only two out of these six will move on to semifinals. Here's a recap of the bouts:

Youth boxer Katiushka Vasquez-Soto was the first Canadian to step into the ring early this morning as she was facing Zhuldyz Toikova from Kazakhstan. While Katiushka gave her all in the ring, she lost by unanimous decision against her more experienced opponent.

During the afternoon session, three more Canadians were competing in the hopes to reach the medals' round. After beating India by unanimous decision yesterday, Sara Haghighat-Joo faced local boxer Gabriela Dimitrova. However, despite a tough fight, Sara came on the wrong side of a split decision and lost 2-3 against the 51 Kg Bulgarian boxer.

After obtaining a bye in the first round of the competition, it was 57Kg Sabrina Aubin's turn to step into the ring against Linda Larsson. Although her Swedish opponent was much taller than her, Sabrina dominated the bout and won by unanimous decision. A great way to celebrate her birthday! 


Ranked 3rd in the world in the 64 Kg weight category, Sara Kali made her debut in the competition today against Jyoti from India. However, the decision didn't go as planned for Sara and she lost a 4-1 split decision. "Going into the ring, I felt confidant and I was ready to give my all as always. Despite a decision that didn't go my way, my performance still shows that I'm part of the boxing Elite and I will go back to the gym determined to work on some key aspects of my boxing." said Sara after her bout.

During the evening session, Caroline Veyre opposed Flora Pili from France. Although it was her 2nd bout of the competition in as many days, Caroline showed no sign of fatigue and won by unanimous decision (5 - 0). Caroline will be back in the ring tomorrow for the third day in a row against Vietnam.

Tammara Thibeault was the last bout of the day and she opposed Iaroslava Iakushina, who's currently ranked #9 in the world. Despite her height advantage, Tammara lost by split decision (4-1) against the Russian boxer.

Overall, Team Canada had some ups and downs during the second day of competition, with 2 wins and 4 losses. Caroline Veyre and Sabrina Aubin will join 3 more Canadian boxers tomorrow for the semifinals. Let's cheer for our 5 Canadian athletes as they will fight for a chance to reach the finals of the tournament:


Session 6 (morning)

  • Youth 48Kg Christian Zelenco (CAN) vs Emi-Mari Todorova (BUL)
  • Youth 69Kg Charlie Cavanagh (CAN) vs Patricia Budai (POL)

Session 8 (evening)

  • Elite 57Kg Sabrina Aubin (CAN) vs Pwilao Basumatary (IND)
  • Elite 60Kg Caroline Veyre (CAN) vs Tuten Neuyen Thi (VIE)
  • Elite 81Kg Marija Curran (CAN) vs Viktoria Krylova (RUS)

To see the results of the draw, you can visit our Event Web page for more information (schedule, results, and link for live streaming).

International Boxing Tournament “Balkan”



ELITE51 Kg Sara Haghighat-Joo, 57 Kg Sabrina Aubin, 60 Kg Caroline Veyre, 64 Kg Sara Kali, 75 Kg Tammara Thibeault, 81 Kg Marija Curran


YOUTH51 Kg Christian Zelenco, 60 Kg Katiushka Vasquez-Soto, 69 Kg Charlie Cavanagh


SUPPORT TEAM: João Carlos Barros, Jill Perry and Sylvain Gagnon (coaches), Robert Schinke (sport psychologist), Jean-Paul Raphaël (therapist), Ève Crépeau (nutritionist) and Lyla Simon (R&J)



Gold: Elite 81 kg Marija Curran
Silver: Elite 60 Kg Caroline Veyre
Bronze: Elite 57 Kg Sabrina Aubin, Youth 51 Kg Christian Zelenco and Youth 69 Kg Charlie Cavanagh



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