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Boxing Canada’s President Pat Fiacco appointed as the Technical Delegate for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

AIBA is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Pat Fiacco, AIBA Executive Committee Member and Chairman of Technical & Rules Commission, as the Technical Delegate for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
AIBA has full confidence that his experience and knowledge of the sport of boxing will contribute to the great success of these Games.
(Source: AIBA website - February 9, 2018)
“I was very fortunate to participate in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games as Canada’s Referee and Judge. In 2012, I served as the Deputy Technical Delegate at the London Olympic Games. I would like express my sincerest gratitude to the AIBA leadership for this appointment. I have now been given the biggest responsibility of my boxing career, to serve as the Technical Delegate for the sport of Boxing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This is the first time a Canadian will serve in this role. I am humbled and honoured and will ensure to demonstrate Canadian values expected of all Canadians. I will also make sure to proudly represent the entire AIBA Boxing family by not only my actions but by my entire Technical Officials.” mentions Pat Fiacco.
Previously, Pat Fiacco had been appointed as the Technical Delegate for many International Competitions, such as the 2015 World Championships in Doha, Quatar. He has also been a member of AIBA Referees & Judges Commission since 2011 before being appointed as Chairman of the Technical & Rules Commission in November 2017. Pat Fiacco was elected to AIBA's Executive Committee in 2014.

The Wolf’s Journey to Gold

Raquel Ruiz for Boxing Canada

A private investigator and a human wolf from Chechnya seems like a perfect team of heroes for a kids’ comic book.

The private investigator is John Spray, writer of Next Round: A Young Athlete’s Journey to Gold, and the Chechen Wolf is the book’s subject, a young man who wins gold medals with his fists in the boxing ring. And it’s not a comic book, but a sports biography, forthcoming from Pajama Press in July, just in time for the Olympic Games in Brazil.

Kids aged 8-14 will without doubt be inspired and educated by the life of the protagonist, Arthur Biyarslanov.

Biyarslanov, nicknamed the Wolf – the refugee boxer, the young Muslim, the 2015 Pan American Games Champion, now ready to compete in the Olympic Games in Brazil – shares with Spray juicy details of his life growing up in Chechnya. He recounts his escape from the Russian army, life as a refugee in Azerbaijan, and his immigration to Canada at age nine. After losing his father at a young age, Biyarslanov lives in the projects in Toronto with his mother Elle and brothers, enduring it all to become an icon, not only for his sports talents but also his humanity.

Biyarslanov, a very disciplined 21-year-old, makes his biography accessible to boys who, according to the author, have very few books to read which inspire them.

“It feels amazing to have a book written about me. Now people all over the world can read my story and really know who I am. I hope to motivate kids to reach their goals,” said Biyarslanov, who always dreamed of being an Olympic athlete, although he thought it might be in soccer, a sport in which he also excelled.

Spray met Biyarslanov after the Pan American Games when the young Canadian had won the first gold medal in forty years for his adoptive country. Spray knew the Wolf’s story through his wife, who is the owner of Pajama Press and requested her husband write a book for children about the boxer.

“I boxed when I was young, and thought it was an incredible story to tell,” said Spray, who interviewed the Pan American champion for several months to get the core of the story. He chose to write it in an action-packed manner to engage and empower child readers.

“It’s a story that has it all, and a good ending,” said Spray.

And who doesn’t like good endings?

Biyarslanov is happy to share his journey to gold with all the children in Canada and hopes they can read the book before the Olympics in August so they can watch and cheer him on from home.

“I am happy because they [children] can see the hard times and struggles I’ve been through and see that I was still able to succeed. I hope to inspire kids to become better people, better athletes, and to appreciate life,” said the young boxer, whose goal is to be on the podium in Brazil.

The only very important person who is not able to see the accomplishments of the young boxer is his dad, to whom Arthur dedicates all his triumphs. At the end of each of his bouts, when the referee hoists his arm as winner, the Wolf looks up to the sky to his angel in heaven.

“I think my dad would be very happy with smy accomplishments.”


The book is available for pre-order online at Indigo and Amazon.

Arthur Biyarslanov

Taylor Lewis Gordon passed away: The world of boxing is grieving

May 31st 2016 was a sad day for the sport of Boxing in Canada as one of its builders, Taylor Lewis Gordon, passed away at the age of 84 years old. Native of Saskatchewan, Taylor Gordon was enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy for 25 years where he won the Canadian Forces title in 1950 in the lightweight division.

His passion for boxing was evident as he dedicated his life to it. After moving to Nova Scotia in 1971, he founded the Citadel Amateur Boxing Club and made sure to give the best opportunities in boxing and in life to every youth who walked through the doors. Gordon attended five Olympic Games himself as the National Team head coach and as a field supervisor, and also helped nine boxers from Nova Scotia reach their Olympic dreams.

Taylor Gordon was a visionary; he played a major part in building Boxing Nova Scotia as well as Boxing Canada where he was part of the executive committee for over two decades. He was loved and respected by his peers, and was also a source of inspiration and a role-model to many. His achievements in the world of boxing were recognized in 2000 when he was inducted into Boxing Canada’s Hall of Fame.

Taylor Gordon laid the foundation for boxing in Canada and paved the way for many athletes. His imprint on the sport will be felt for generations to come.




Boxing Canada Olympic trial team at final stage

Boxing Canada’s Olympic trial team is ready for their last training camp before going to America’s Continental Olympic Qualifier in Argentina, where they will compete to earn a spot in the most desired competition in the world, the Olympic Games.

The team qualified last December in Montreal and will assemble this Monday, February 29th for a week long training camp.

Coaches Daniel Trépanier, Gordon Apolloni, Kevin Howard, Mark Collins and Danielle Bouchard, will be in command of this squad of 13 boxers. who have been training and preparing in their home clubs for their Olympic journey.

The final team will be named on March 3rd, and will arrive early in Argentina on March 7th to acclimate and get ready for the competition that starts on March 10th.

Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada High Performance Director, said he is very confident that the team will qualify a good number of athletes in Argentina.

“We have a very good team and feel very confident we can qualify all of them.” said Trépanier.

Trépanier isn’t sure if all 13 boxers of the Canadian team will go to Argentina. Their performance at the training camp will determine who goes and who doesn’t.

“We’ll evaluate all the boxers during the camp and suggest to the board the ones we think are at their best.” Trépanier said.

Pat Fiacco, Boxing Canada President, said Brazil 2016 will have a high level of boxing and Canada needs to be prepared for it.

“Our National Team has performed very well in the past couple of years and the competition in Argentina is another step to improving our performance in the world.” said Fiacco.

“We expect to qualify our entire team. Our 3 women are rated in the top of the world, and our men have performed very well.” said Fiacco.

Here is the list of the athletes present at the training camp this week:

49Kg Todd Napper

52Kg Thomas Blumenfeld

56Kg Kenny Lally

60Kg David Gauthier

64Kg Arthur Biyarslanov

69Kg Sasan Haghighat Joo

75Kg Clovis Drolet

81Kg Petru Bulun

91Kg Samir El Mais

+91Kg Aaron Huggins

51Kg Mandy Bujold

60Kg Caroline Veyre

75Kg Ariane Fortin

Ariane Fortin

The boxers that will represent Canada during Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be announce shortly on our website.