Boxing Canada is looking for coaches for the 2022 Eindhoven Box Cup in the Netherlands







Boxing Canada is looking for coaches to support the National Team at the 2022 Eindhoven Box Cup in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.





Please refer to the Coaching Nomination Procedures document. Coaches must complete the Coaching Nomination Application form and send the duly completed form to Andréane Parent at [email protected] by Thursday, May 5th, 2022 at 4:00 pm ET.




NCCP Eligibility

 Coaches wishing to be considered by Boxing Canada must be: 

  • Fully certified at NCCP Level 3 or higher; 


  • A coach who has completed at least six (6) NCCP Competition Development multisport modules; 


  • A coach who has completed at least four (4) NCCP Competition Development multisport modules and Boxing Canada’s Performance Analysis Workshop. 

Administrative Eligibility

  • A member in good standing with their provincial boxing association (PSO) and Boxing Canada;
  • A current member of the professional coaching program of the Coaching Association of Canada;
  • Available for the entire duration of the event;
  • Sign the Code of Conduct;
  • English or French speaking. Both is a plus;
  • Complete the IPLC-INT personality questionnaire; see annex 1 (only if selected);
  • Background check and Safe Sport Training.


International Eligibility

  • A 1-star IBA certification is a plus; 
  • Provide a valid Canadian passport with an expiry of at least 6 months from the conclusion of the 2022 Eindhoven Box Cup Event (December 7th, 2022);
  • Provide a proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The QR code will be required. A person is considered fully vaccinated on the 14th day following the injection of the second dose of vaccine.
Posted on: April 28, 2022