Coaches are important!

Coaches are the primary drivers of a boxing program. They mentor, promote healthy attitudes towards fitness, and develop confidence & responsibility in their athletes.


The Value of a Trained and Certified Coach:

Coaches who are trained and certified by Boxing Canada have proven themselves through education about boxing, fitness, life-skills, Abuse-Free Sport, and are connected with the larger coaching community encompassing all sports in Canada. They are recognized by the Coaching Association of Canada. Some levels of competition (such as Canada Games) require certain minus levels of coaching training and certification. Knowing that your coach is trained and certified by Boxing Canada is a good way to know that you are going to have a positive experience!


How to become trained and certified as a coach:


To be a certified Coach in Canada you need:

  • To be a current member of Boxing Canada (memberships are available through your provincial boxing association)
  • A police records check
  • Become “Trained” in one of the below coaching levels (take the course, complete the assignments)
  • Become “Certified” at that level by completing an evaluation process (depending on the level this might be all online, or all in person)



Depending on the type of boxer you want to coach new coaches can start with Instructor Beginner or Competition Introduction levels:


Instruction Beginner Coach:


Competition Introduction Coach:


Competition Development Coach:



Detailed information on the coaching system