Countdown to PanAm Games: Kevin Beausejour

With only four days remaining until the start of boxing at the 2023 Pan American Games, Boxing Canada is pleased to continue its countdown by profiling Canadian Boxing Team athlete Keven Beausejour. Keven represents Canada in the male 54kg weight division and boxes out of Club Champion in Montreal, Quebec. Keven also represented Canada at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. 

Keven’s current favourite boxer is Jaron Ennis, because “I see myself in him. We both switch stance, creativity, speed, and flashy. I just love his style. I look up to him.” Keven’s all-time favourite boxer is Roy Jones because “he was so creative and flashy! He had almost everything power, speed, athleticism, charisma, footwork. He just had it all…If you watch me box, you can see I stole some moves from him. Outside of boxing, Beausejour looks up to other elite athletes such Lebron James, Odell Beckham, and Usain Bolt

Keven loves to play other sports including basketball, hockey, swimming, soccer, jiu jiustu and, mixed martial arts but right now, he is focusing on boxing because it is “tough and dangerous…you definitely need to put your all in it. You can’t go halfway in boxing, because your life is at risk every time you step into the ring.”

Keven is most proud of his gold medal at the 2023 Continental Championships in Cali, Colombia. Keven shared “I was so sick a couple of days before my first fight, and I found a way to strive through it, perform at my worst and still got the gold medal. I think it shows the character in me.”

The most important thing that Keven has learned from being a high-performance athlete is that “nothing is going to be handed to you. You need to go get it.” When asked if there is one thing that all national boxing team athletes should remember, Beausejour answered “To have fun. Time goes fast; we need to remember that we can’t take everything TOO seriously. We always need to have a little bit of fun at the same time. We only live once!”

One thing that not many people know about Keven is that he raises aquatic turtles at home. “People are always surprised when they learn that about me,” Keven says “I guess I don’t have the look of someone who would own turtles, but I have three, and I will definitely buy more, different types, different colours.”

Check out the short video interview in this post to learn more about National Boxing Team athlete Keven Beausejour and learn more about the sport of boxing at the Pan American Games here..

Posted on: October 16, 2023