A sad outcome on the fifth day of the Olympic Qualifiers

On day 5 of the competition, the first Canadian boxer to take the ring was Samir El Mais (91kg). It was also his first bout of the Continental Olympic Qualifier as he received a bye during the preliminary round. El Mais was facing a very experienced boxer, Cam F. Awesome, who is one of the first American boxers to compete in the World Series of Boxing. Although El Mais showcased a strong technical style, it is the American boxer who claimed the victory by a unanimous decision.

During the evening session, it was 56 kg Kenny Lally’s turn to jump in the ring after a spectacular victory against Seed 2 on Sunday night. The quarter-final bout opposed the Canadian boxer to Jose Diaz from Venezuela. Both boxers showcased strong technical skills and connected a lot of punches, to a point where the doctor had to intervene after a head clash. Lally suffered a cut from a cut on his head while Diaz got a cut above his eye. Although Lally connected various punches his opponent’s body and face, the bout ultimately ended with a unanimous decision in favor of Diaz.

To conclude the evening session, Super Heavyweight Aaron Huggins opposed Clayton Laurent from the US Virgin Islands. Although Huggins has shown great improvement since the last qualifiers, his hard work was unfortunately not sufficient to earn him the victory today. However, the judges’ decision is not unanimous as many believe that the victory was stolen from the Canadian boxer. Huggins look composed and confident in the ring, connecting more that his opponent.

Despite the heavy loses today, Team Canada advances in the Olympic Qualifiers with 6 boxers.




81 kg    Samir EL MAIS  (CAN)       0 – 3     Cam F. AWESOME (USA)


56 kg    Kenny LALLY  (CAN)    0 – 3    Jose DIAZ (VEN)

+91 kg  Aaron HUGGINS  (CAN)    0 – 3    Clayton LAURENT (ISV)


Posted on: March 16, 2016