An intense day to begin the Olympic Qualifier in Montreal

Montreal, December 6th 2015.
It was an all-men program on the 1st day of the Olympic Qualifier. The 60kg, 69kg, 75kg and 91kg athletes showcased high-octane bouts throughout from the Fairmont | Queen Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Montreal.
Amongst the aforementioned weight divisions, the middle-weights (75kg) will offer extensive competition having the most  entries. Two of these athletes are in fact National Team members: Clovis Drolet and Brody Blair. To everyone’s surprise, Brody Blair lost a decision to Ontario champion Kingsley Alexander. The latter used sound counter-attack combos, notably the uppercut, to win a unanimous decision.
 Brody Blair admits: ” It was a good fight but I got a hit to the head that rattled me. I thought it was tight, my opponent fought well”. A beaming Kingsley Alexander stated: “It was the first time that I fought Blair, I used all my tools, he had experience and it was not easy, but my abilities allowed me to win”. Olympian Custio Clayton, now a pro-boxer, was on site to support his friend Blair. He mentioned that his being there reminded  him of his days in Olympic boxing.
Another bout that did not go unnoticed was with Evangelos Frangos, a former boxer on the Junior National Team and presently trying to join the Elite National Team. The 18 year old 91kg boxer showed promise in a 2-1 defeat against Rawleigh Clemont of Manitoba. 
Still in the heavy-weight category, Ryan Rozicki, lost his bout 0-3 against Paul Rasmussen, a National Team member.
Tomorrow, do not miss the women’s 51kg category led by Mandy Bujold and Taveena Kum, the men at  64kg with Xavier Gagnon versus Brandon Leaman and the 75kg bout between  Veton Arifi and Kingsley Aleksander. The competition is web-casted on starting at 7:00pm Monday to Thursday. It is not to miss event for all boxing fans and Montrealers!


Source : Andrée-Anne Dionne | [email protected]
Posted on: December 7, 2015