Change of Coach for the Boxing National Team

Montreal – February 5, 2020. Boxing Canada’s Management has decided to change a coach working with the High Performance program. Hired in September 2017, João Carlos Barros has brought great technical knowledge to the Canadian program over the last years and has been instrumental in establishing centralization to develop Canada’s best boxers.

However, with the growth and development of these national programs, it became imperative that the National Team coach is able to collaborate effectively with a network of scientific experts, incorporate cutting edge information into the athletes’ program and operationalize such strategies as part of the preparation process. The change of personnel has been a difficult but necessary decision in order to undertake the administrative and scheduling tasks that are essential for the coach position.

“We wish to thank João Carlos Barros for his contributions to the Canadian boxing program with the growth of the National Training Centre, affirms Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada’s High Performance Director. Although this change in structure is taking place ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, this restructuring is important to optimize the athletes’ preparation.”

Boxing Canada will announce soon the identity of the new National Team coach who will be in place starting in April 2020.


Posted on: February 5, 2020