Elite boxers at training camp in Cali

The training camp has just started for the elite athletes competing at the AMBC Continental Championships in August!

The elite team was invited to take part of a camp that will end at the end of July, and which is held in Cali, Colombia.

The athletes representing Boxing Canada during the AMBC Continental Championships :

Male athletes
51kg: Justin Parina
57kg: Victor Tremblay
63,5kg: Wyatt Sanford
71kg: Junior Petanqui

80kg: Keven Beausejour
92kg: Bryan Colwell
92+ kg: Jérôme Feujio

Female athletes
50kg: Mckenzie Wright
54kg: Scarlett Delgado
57kg: Marie Al-Ahmadieh
60kg: Garinder Takhar
66kg: Charlie Cavanagh
75kg: Tammara Thibeault

Posted on: July 20, 2023