Five athletes elected to Boxing Canada’s newly formed Athletes’ Committee

Montreal – September 14, 2022. Boxing Canada is pleased to announce the five High Performance Program (HPP) athletes that were elected by their teammates to make up the Athletes’ Committee for a two-year term.

The members of the Athletes Committee are Priyanka Dhillon, Hunter Lee, Nyousha Nakhjiri, and Wyatt Sanford while Tammara Thibeault will serve as Chair of the Committee. The Committee will serve as the athlete representatives to the Board of Directors, a role that was previously filled by a female and male athlete representative from the Elite National Team.

“It’s an honour to be part of the first Athletes’ Committee that Boxing Canada has ever organized and an even bigger honour to be the Chair,” says Thibeault. “This will empower the athletes and give them a voice, and I think that this is really groundbreaking for the development of the High Performance Program of Boxing Canada. I’m really excited for what’s to come and I think that we can really get some work done.”

The goal of the Committee is to promote the views and interests of all HPP athletes, in an effort to further Boxing Canada’s HPP Strategic Plan objectives. It will ensure that athletes’ voices are amplified in Boxing Canada’s decision-making processes while also helping the Board to understand and properly consider the interests of the Youth and Elite HPP athletes.

“The formation of the Athletes’ Committee marks an important step in making sure that athletes’ viewpoints are being accurately considered,” says Roy Halpin, Boxing Canada’s Executive Director. “This new format will encourage more discussions between the athletes and their representatives, and we look forward to receiving their feedback as we continue to work towards creating a safe environment for everyone.”

Posted on: September 14, 2022