Job opportunity: Boxing Canada is looking for an Assistant Coach at the National Training Centre





Organization: Boxing Canada
Title: National Training Centre – Assistant Coach
Job Category & Nature of Position: Full time Employee
Immediate Supervisor: National Team Centre Head Coach
Ultimate Supervisor: High Performance Director


Under the direction of the National Team Centre (NTC) Head Coach, the National Training Centre Assistant Coach shall be responsible for direct coaching support and national team program implementation for athletes at the National Training Centre and identified National Development athletes. The NTC Assistant Coach shall work closely with the other National Team Coaches and the High Performance Director (HPD) to implement and run Boxing Canada’s High Performance programs.


The NTC Assistant Coach shall assist the NTC Head Coach in the operation of the elite and development programs that are run out of the National Training Centre, including planning, coaching, monitoring and evaluation.   


The individual will work out of a Boxing Canada National Training Centre. The NTC Assistant Coach and will work closely with the NTC Head Coach and other assigned National Team coaches to ensure effective operation of the centre to High Performance standards.


The NTC Assistant Coach shall comply with any and all Boxing Canada codes of conduct that relate to his/her activities.


  • Boxing Canada Competition Development certification or its equivalent as recognized by Boxing Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada and;
  • AIBA 1-star as recognized by AIBA.


Training Centre and High Performance Program:

  1. Assist the NTC Head Coach in the development, implementation and evaluation of annual and long-­‐term training and competition plans for the athletes in the training.
  2. Assist the NTC Head Coach in the execution of training and competition plans for athletes in the centre.
  3. Provide direct coaching services for National Team and/or development boxers, and coach athletes for Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and other international competitions, as assigned by the NTC Head Coach and High Performance Director.
  4. Assist the HPD and the NTC Head Coach in the development of criteria and procedures for training.
  5. Ensure appropriate files on athlete training, competition results and monitoring of progress are kept as required.
  6. Work with the NTC Head Coach in providing a continuous and progressive athlete centered high performance environment.
  7. Work with the NTC Head Coach and other assigned coaches at the National Training Centre to provide effective leadership and guidance to the programs, athletes, and support team located at the Centre

Athlete Development Program:

  1. Assist the HPD and NTC Head Coach with the implementation of a talent identification system, e.g., regional scouting, clinics, camps, etc.…
  2. Provide input and support to developing boxers and coaches in the High Performance system by visitations, clinics, camps, etc.…
  3. Assist, organize and execute Next Gen identification and selection camps in assistance with HPD and NTC Head
  4. Assist the HPD and NTC Head Coach in determining and implementing the athlete monitoring program for Next Gen

Coaching Development:

  1. Assist the HPD, NTC Head Coach, and other Boxing Canada staff in the development and implementation of a national coaching philosophy to complement the Long Term Athlete Development Model.
  2. Act as a resource person in matters relating to advanced coaching education programs and advanced coaching education.
  3. Provide assistance to club coaches, provincial coaches and other High Performance development coaches

Sport Science, Medical and Technical Research (Integrated Support Team):

  1. Assist the HPD to ensure that the Sport Science, Medical, and Technical Research needs of the National Training Centre and National Team are met.
  2. Assist the HPD with planning, implementation and monitoring of the athlete assessment and testing programs.
  3. Develop and/or assist in the development of proposals for applied sport research for the Integrated Support Team, and to assist in the delivery of the accepted proposals
  4. Maintain all relevant test results at the National Training Centre and National Team athlete under his/her direct supervision.


  1. Assist the HPD in the fleet maintenance and control of National Training Centre and National Team equipment.
  2. Prepare, on request of the HPD or the NTC Head Coach, work plans, reports and other documents as required.


The NTC Assistant Coach shall report to the NTC Head Coach and be ultimately responsible to the High Performance Director.



The NTC Assistant Coach shall participate in meetings specific to the job requirements and will be responsible to make recommendations where necessary. The individual will have sufficient authority to act in the daily management of program areas in accordance with the policies, programs assigned to the National Training Centre and the High Performance Program. Beyond these limits, the individual is required to have decisions approved by the HPD.



  1. Highly competent oral and written communication skills in English.
  2. Comfortable to work in a bilingual environment (English and French).
  3. Demonstrates great judgement and creative approaches to challenge traditional technical and training assumptions and in providing solutions.
  4. Uses appropriate techniques and communication strategies to gain acceptance of ideas and plans.
  5. Ability to accurately analyse and translate performance data into meaningful programme opportunities and to generate new ideas.
  6. Demonstrates political acumen and appropriately anticipates the political consequences of actions.
  7. Sets high goals and establishes stretch goals for personal, team and program accomplishment.
  8. Conveys an image that is consistent with the organisation’s values.
  9. Demonstrates decisiveness and action in the management of issues as they arise.

Application Deadline: March 16th, 2018

Commencement of employment: May 1st, 2018


The NTC Assistant Coach will work from Montreal.


Salary for this position will be commensurate with experience and available budget. All applications will be confidential.


Applications and salary expectations should be sent via email to Andréane Bélanger [email protected]


We thank all candidates for their interest, however; only those candidates under consideration will be contacted.



Posted on: March 5, 2018