JOB OPPORTUNITY: Head National Team Coach









Head National Team Coach




Organization: Boxing Canada

Title: Head National Team Coach

Job Category & Nature of Position: Full time Employee

Immediate Supervisor: High-Performance Director

Ultimate Supervisor: Executive Director

Deadline to apply: June 3, 2022 – 8:00 am EDT



Under the direction of the High-Performance Director (HPD), the Head National Team Coach (HNTC) shall be responsible for direct boxing coaching support and national team program implementation for athletes at the National Training Centre and identified High-Performance Program athletes. The HNTC shall work closely with the High-Performance Director and the other HP coaches to implement and run Boxing Canada’s National Team programs.


The individual will work out of a Boxing Canada’s National Training Centre (NTC) in Montréal (Québec). The HNTC and will work closely with the HPD and other assigned National Team coaches to provide support to Canada’s elite male and female amateur boxers and ensure the NTC operates to world-class High-Performance standards.


The HNTC shall assist the HPD in the operation of the High-Performance Programs that are run out of the National Training Centre, including planning, coaching, monitoring, and evaluation.


As part of his or her responsibilities, the HPPSC shall comply with Boxing Canada’s code of conduct as well as with all the policies that relate to HPP activities.








      Training and Education


  • Boxing Canada NCCP Competition Development certification or its equivalent as recognized by Boxing Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada; OR


  • NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma delivered through National Sport Institutes; OR


  • Completion of at least six (6) NCCP Competition Development multisport modules; OR


  • Completion of at least four (4) NCCP Competition Development multisport modules and Boxing Canada’s Performance Analysis Workshop; OR


  • Complete certification at NCCP Level 3 or higher in the former NCCP system; OR


  • Equivalent competences to the above will be considered (i.e., degree in Physical Education or Kinesiology); OR


  • Coaching certificate or diploma delivered by a recognized institution outside Canada will be considered.


AIBA 1-star or higher is considered an asset.

Effective oral and written communication skills in one of Canada’s official languages (English or French).


Bilingualism (English and French) is considered an asset.


Notes: The HNTC will be required to complete the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation, Making Head Way and Safe Sport online modules. The HNTC will also be required to develop adequate communication skills in Canada’s two official languages (English and French).







Minimum of three (3) years of coaching experience with international-level boxers (required).


Demonstrated ability to effectively support and manage groups of athletes and work with team staff during international competitions (required).


Proven record of coaching and developing elite boxers who have achieved top-level performances in international competitions (Olympic Games; World Championships; Continental Championships; Major Games) considered a key asset.


Experience working in a recognized high-performance training centre is a key asset.


Experience coaching both male and female elite boxers is a key asset.


Experience in designing and implementing preparation programs for international elite boxers considered a key asset.


Experience in effectively managing programs for international elite boxers considered a key asset.


Work experience with scientific and medical support teams is a key asset.


Experience working in a values-based athlete-centered environment is a key asset.


Experience supervising or mentoring other elite coaches as part of a high-performance environment is an asset.


Experience working collaboratively with other elite coaches as part of a high-performance environment is an asset.






National Training Centre (NTC):

  • Direct contribution to the development, implementation, and evaluation of annual and long-­‐term training and competition plans, programs, and projects aimed at NTC a
  • Direct contribution to the implementation of boxing training and competition plans, programs, and projects for NTC a
  • Assess, evaluate, and monitor the performances of NTC athletes and identify strategies to support the achievements of Boxing Canada’s high-performance goals and objectives.
  • Keep appropriate records of NTC athletes training, competition results and progress for monitoring purposes.
  • Work with the HPD and members of the integrated support team at the NTC to provide effective leadership, guidance, scientific and technical support to the High-Performance athletes.
  • Apply and implement Boxing Canada’s National Team selection procedures and criteria.
  • Assess equipment and other needs required to offer NTC athletes a world-class training environment and make recommendations as necessary.
  • Ensure a dynamic athlete-centered coach supported High-Performance culture is in place at the NTC.


High-Performance Programs:

  • Provide boxing coaching support for High-Performance Program athletes in their daily training environment and during events included in the National Team program.
  • Contribute to the development of criteria and procedures for training, athlete selection, performance analysis.
  • Work collaboratively with Boxing Canada’s network of High-Performance Program Support Coaches (HPPSC) to expand the pool of High-Performance athletes within Canada.
  • Monitors performance records of non-centralized elite athletes and makes recommendations as appropriate to HPD for inclusion in NTC activities or National Team developmental projects.
  • Ensure a dynamic athlete-centered coach supported High-Performance culture is in place throughout Boxing Canada’s elite programs.


Athlete Development Programs:

  • Work with colleagues of the HPP to design and implement a Next Gen talent identification system, e.g., development of performance criteria and standards, regional scouting, clinics, camps, etc.
  • Work with colleagues of the HPP to design and implement an athlete monitoring program for Next Gen


Coaching Development:

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of a national coaching philosophy supporting key pillars of Boxing Canada’s athlete development system, i.e., the Long-Term Athlete Development Model, Gold Medal Profile and Winning Style.


Sport Science, Medical and Technical Research (Integrated Support Team):

  • Ensure that the Sport Science, Medical, and Technical Research needs of the National Training Centre and High-Performance Program are met; identify specific needs or research domains as necessary.



  • Prepare, on request of the HPD work plans, reports and other documents as required.
  • Collaborate with the HPD to write High Performance reports to Own the Podium and Boxing Canada’s Board of Directors.



  • The HNTC shall report to the HPD and ultimately to the Executive Director.


  • The HNTC shall participate in meetings specific to the job requirements and will be responsible to make recommendations where necessary. The HNTC will be responsible for the daily operations and management of the program areas under his or her responsibility in accordance with Boxing Canada policies. Beyond these limits, the individual is required to have decisions approved by the HPD.




  1. Extensive knowledge of the international male and female international boxing scenes.
  2. Adequate oral and written communication skills in one of Canada’s official languages (English and French).
  1. Comfortable to work in a bilingual environment (English and French).
  2. Sound judgement and creative approaches to reflect critically about and challenge traditional technical and training assumptions, and in identifying potential solutions.
  3. Effective planning abilities.
  4. Effective performance analysis abilities.
  5. Ability to use appropriate strategies to gain acceptance of ideas and plans.
  6. Ability to use information technologies as part of day-to-day operations (Internet, Email, common applications such as Microsoft Word, EXCEL, Power Point).
  7. Ability to accurately analyse and interpret performance data and identify effective mitigating strategies.
  8. Political acumen and ability to anticipate the implications of actions.
  1. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and ability to build effective working relationships.
  2. Understanding of project management skills, particularly adhering to timelines, planning and documentation.
  1. Superior organizational skills.
  2. Results oriented with an ability to work under pressure, problem-solve, remain detail oriented, and multi-task effectively in a dynamic and performance-oriented team environment.
  3. Energetic, self-motivated, ambitious, and possessing a growth mindset and a winning attitude with the ability to inspire others to develop their full potential.
  4. Capacity to consistently act and behave with the organisation’s values.


As part of his or her duties, the HNTC will be required to become familiar with and demonstrate familiarity with:


  1. Safe Sport principles and effective practices. *
  2. Boxing Canada’s HPP and objectives. *
  3. Boxing Canada’s LTAD model, Gold Medal Profile and Winning Style. *
  4. Boxing Canada’s athlete assessment tools. *
  5. The HEXFIT online monitoring system. *
  6. All Boxing Canada’s codes of conduct and HPP related policies. *


* Training will be provided as necessary during the initial phase of the contract.



Salary for this position will be commensurate with experience and available budget. All applications will be confidential.


Candidates should send their cover letter and resume by email to Boxing Canada at [email protected]by June 3rd, 2022, at 8:00 am EDT.


We thank all candidates for their interest; However, only those candidates under consideration will be contacted.

Posted on: March 31, 2022