JOB OPPORTUNITY: High-Performance Program Support Coach










Organization: Boxing Canada

Title: High Performance Support Coach

Job Category & Nature of Position: Independent Service Contractor

Immediate Supervisor: High-Performance Director

Ultimate Supervisor: Executive Director

Deadline to apply: April 25, 2022 – 8:00 am EDT

Expected start date: May 24, 2022



Working under the direction of the High-Performance Director (HPD), the High-Performance Program Support Coach (HPPSC) shall be responsible to act as a direct representative of Boxing Canada and to support, facilitate, and supervise the ongoing development of a small group of athletes selected to the HPP.


The HPPSC shall work with the HPD, NTC Coaches and other HPPSC coaches to implement specific initiatives of Boxing Canada’s HPP aimed at developing athletes capable of achieving successful international performances.


The HPPSC will work from his or her own environment. He or she will be responsible to assess and monitor a group of athletes identified by the HPD, and assist in the implementation of specific strategies and initiatives that will support their continued development towards high-performance standards directly related to Boxing Canada’s Gold Medal Profile and Winning Style.


The HPPSC shall liaise regularly with a group of selected athletes and their personal coaches to ensure optimal alignment with the objectives, priorities, and models of Boxing Canada’s HPP. As necessary, he or she may also assist the HPD in the operations of the High-Performance Developmental Programs, including program planning and evaluation.


From time to time, the HPPSC may be required to attend HPP training camps held at the NTC or elsewhere, and travel with teams competing in Canada and in other countries.


As part of his or her responsibilities, the HPPSC shall comply with Boxing Canada’s code of conduct as well as with all the policies that relate to HPP activities.




  • Boxing Canada NCCP Competition Development certification or its equivalent as recognized by Boxing Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada; OR


  • Completion of at least six (6) NCCP Competition Development multisport modules; OR


  • Completion of at least four (4) NCCP Competition Development multisport modules and Boxing Canada’s Performance Analysis Workshop; OR
  • Complete certification at NCCP Level 3 or higher in the former NCCP system.



AIBA 1-star or higher is considered an asset.

Bilingualism (English and French) is considered an asset.


Note: All HPPSCs will be required to complete the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation, Making Head Way and Safe Sport online modules.



  • Implementation, supervision, and evaluation of annual and long-­‐term training and competition plans of identified a
  • Assist athletes and personal coaches in setting-up the HEXFIT online system and use this tool as the primary means of athletes monitoring and supervision.
  • Liaison with identified athletes on a bi-weekly basis to supervise status, activities, and progress.
  • Liaison with coaches of identified athletes on a monthly basis to ensure optimal alignment between the athlete’s personal training environment and Boxing Canada’s HPP developmental objectives and priorities.
  • Report to Boxing Canada’s HPD on a bi-weekly basis via reports or videoconference.
  • Use and apply Boxing Canada’s Gold Medal Profile and Winning Style models and standards as well as related tools when making assessments and programming interventions.
  • Keep appropriate files and records on the progress of identified athletes (training, competition results, progress).
  • As necessary, consult with the HPD, other HPPSC, and integrated support teams at the NTC or in the athletes’ own environment to provide effective leadership and guidance to the identified athletes.
  • Prepare, on request of the HPD, work plans, reports and other documents as required.




  • The HPPSC shall report to the HPD and be ultimately responsible to the Executive Director.




  • The HPPSC shall participate in meetings specific to the job requirements and will be responsible to make recommendations where necessary. Using referents such as developmental plans, Gold Medal Profile, Winning Style and related assessment tools, the HPPSC shall assess the degree to which (1) individual athletes meet the expectations of Boxing Canada in terms of training, competition, and performance standards, and (2) personal coaches ensure effective programming alignment with the HPP, and identify any area of concern to the HPD. Beyond these limits, the HPPSC is required to have decisions approved by the HPD.




As part of his or her duties, the HPPSC will be required to demonstrate familiarity with:


  1. Boxing Canada’s HPP and objectives. *
  2. Boxing Canada’s LTAD model, Gold Medal Profile and Winning Style. *
  3. Boxing Canada’s athlete assessment tools. *
  4. The HEXFIT online monitoring system. *
  5. All Boxing Canada’s codes of conduct and HPP related policies. *
  6. Safe Sport principles and effective practices. *

The HPPSC shall also demonstrate

   7. Effective communication skills in the language of the athletes and coaches he or she is working with.
8. The ability to work collaboratively with personal coaches and support them in identifying effective strategies to create   optimal alignments with the HPP.
9. Effective coaching skills to support athletes in national or international competitions.
10. Effective managerial skills while accompanying groups of athletes in national or international competitions.
11. An image that is consistent with the organisation’s values.
12. Decisiveness and action in the management of issues as they arise.

       * Training can be provided as necessary during the initial phase of the contract.


Candidates should send their cover letter and resume by email to Boxing Canada at [email protected] by April 25th, 2022, at 8:00 am EDT.


We thank all candidates for their interest; However, only those candidates under consideration will be contacted.

Posted on: April 8, 2022