Sara Kali, Doni George Foreman, and Terris Smith at World Qualifier 2 in Bangkok, Thailand

[Bangkok, Thailand, May 29, 2024] – Canadian boxer advances in 66kg at World Qualifier 2 in Bangkok, Thailand. Sara Kali won her first test of the tournament. Super heavyweight Doni George Foreman lost his first international bout despite a great final round, and Terris Smith lost a tight match in her second round of the qualifier.


In the 66kg weight division Sara Kali (club: BoxeMTL, QC) faced formidable Cuban Yakelin Estornell in her inaugural bout. Demonstrating poise and precision, Kali secured a commanding victory by unanimous decision. Reflecting on her performance, Kali expressed satisfaction, stating, “For my first ice-breaker fight, I’m satisfied with my performance. I came here to win cleanly, no matter how I handled it, and that’s what I managed to prove to the judges in this first fight.”


Looking ahead to her upcoming match against an opponent Ivanusa Moreira from Cabo Verde on May 31st, Kali emphasized the importance of focus and strategy, stating, “I will be boxing against Cabo Verde in my next fight. I’m expecting a higher-level fight, so I want to stay focused. My opponent is bigger and will try to keep me at a distance, but we’ve worked out a strategy that I’ll follow. We’ve got the plan in place and we’re ready.”


Doni George Foreman (club: Brampton Boxing, ON) faced Spain in a hard-fought battle that showcased his resilience and determination. Despite ultimately losing by unanimous decision, Foreman’s performance garnered praise from assistant coach Tariq Abdulhraman, who commended his courage and fighting spirit. Tariq remarked, “Doni ‘Heart of Lion’ Foreman comes into his first international competition off the back of just 20 bouts in his record. After being closely behind in his rounds, he stunned his opponent with a right overhand shot prompting the referee into an eight count. A courageous and honourable performance from the debutant.” Foreman’s debut on the international stage serves as a testament to his potential and determination.


In the final Canadian bout of the day, Terris Smith (club: Island Boxing Club, BC) faced a tough challenge against Great Britain. Despite a valiant effort and landing some significant shots, Smith ultimately lost by unanimous decision. Coach Samir ElMais praised Smith’s resilience and fighting spirit, stating, “She landed big shots and pushed her back at times. In the end, it was all experience that won the fight, while it’s Terris’ 3rd international bout.” Samir added, “We are super proud of Terris; she has a lot of heart, grit, and she went toe to toe until the end.”


The performances of Sara Kali, Doni George Foreman, and Terris Smith at the Paris Olympic qualifier exemplify the depth of talent and determination within the Canadian boxing community. As they continue to pursue excellence on the international stage, they serve as inspirations to aspiring athletes across Canada and beyond.


Tomorrow May 30th will be final tournament debut for Canada as Marie Al-Ahmadieh takes on Josefien Betist from Sierra Leone.


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Posted on: May 29, 2024