Sarah Brisson Legault Wins Award!

Sarah Brisson Legault wins an award and Boxing Canada is not surprised!
Congratulations to National Team Mental Performance Coach Sarah Brisson Legault who just won an award from the Canadian Sport Psychology Association for the work she is doing to high performance athletes.
For more about the Early Career Professional award given to Sarah, see this link.
Sarah works as part of the integrated support team of specialized providers at the National Training Centre. Her work is on the gym floor, in the ring, and in the classroom. She and the boxing coaches are constantly evaluating, adjusting, and improving training methodologies and content to maximize the results of the National Team boxers.
Sarah working with Jerome
Sarah working with Jerome
“The demands of international Olympic style boxing put immense mental pressure on our athletes. Sarah works tirelessly to find strategies for the team and for each individual athletes to reduce stress, increase focus, and ensure performance when it is needed”, explained High Performance Director Kraig Devlin.
World silver medalist Charlie Cavanaugh says she has benefitted from her Mental Performance Coach’s teachings: “As athletes we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Sarah has helped us realize that we don’t need to add additional worry. There are things we can do to create a space of calm around us even at the biggest competitions”.
Thanks to Sarah for all the work she does for the athletes!
Posted on: June 26, 2023