Thirty-one Elite boxers selected to the 2022-23 High Performance Program


Montreal – March 9th, 2022. Following the cancellation of the 2022 Canadian Championships, Boxing Canada is proud to reveal the athletes selected to the 2022-23 Elite National Team. Given the cancellation of the last three editions of the Canadian Championships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an alternative selection process was created to nominate and select athletes to the National Team.


Boxers were nominated by their provincial associations or by Boxing Canada, if they were already part of Boxing Canada’s High Performance Program in 2021-22. After in-depth evaluations completed by the National Panel of Experts, the following athletes were selected to the Elite National Team and ranked according to the process outlined in the 2022-23 National Team Selection Procedures.


48 kg Priyanka Dhillon (Manitoba)151 kg Justin Parina (Boxing Canada)1
48 kg Mckenzie Wright (Ontario)257 kg Keoma-Ali Al-Ahmadieh (Quebec)1
50 kg Anne Marcotte (Quebec)160 kg Jonathan Bourget (Boxing Canada)1
52 kg Nyousha Nakhjiri (British Columbia)160 kg Mike Cabatuan (Ontario)2
52 kg Yana Filion (Quebec)263.5 kg Wyatt Sanford (Boxing Canada)1
54 kg Scarlett Delgado (Ontario)163.5 kg Kyle Oliver (Alberta)2
57 kg Jordyn Konrad (British Columbia)163.5 kg Moe Milad (Nova Scotia)3
57 kg Camille Goyer (Quebec)263.5 kg Logan Clouthier (British Columbia)4
60 kg Irene Fiolek (Boxing Canada)171 kg Junior Petanqui (Quebec)1
63 kg Marie-Jeanne Parent (Quebec)171 kg Hunter Lee (Ontario)2
66 kg Charlie Cavanagh (New Brunswick)175 kg Dylan Martin (Manitoba)1
66 kg Ali Rosen (Ontario)275 kg Jaquan Carty (Boxing Canada)2
66 kg Sara Kali (Quebec)375 kg Jonathan Hannah (British Columbia)3
75 kg Tammara Thibeault (Boxing Canada)175 kg Cedric Belony (Quebec)4
80 kg Keven Beausejour (Quebec)1
92+ kg Christophe Bernier (Boxing Canada)1
92+ kg Jerome Feujio (Quebec)2


“The selection process was a solid alternative to National Championships which would, in the years before COVID, designate team members,” stated Roy Halpin, Boxing Canada’s Executive Director. “The engagement by all the provinces and extensive analysis confirms our belief that Canada’s best will be represented internationally in 2022 and early 2023.”


Opportunities have been identified for these athletes with the goals of developing their experience in international competitions and qualifying for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The boxers will have a chance to compete as soon as March 22nd at the AMBC Continental Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The women will also look forward to the IBA Women’s World Championships in May, and both the men and women will look to qualify for the Commonwealth Games in July.




Posted on: March 9, 2022